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NoSQL is an acronym for Not Only SQL

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Openlayer map disappears after returning a PHP request through events

I generated an OpenLayers map using the 'QGIS2WEB' plugin in QGIS. I am working on a program that, depending on the coordinates where the user clicks, will send them to a PHP controller. The ...
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How do you build a MongoDB spatial index for GeoJSON geometry?

I'm attempting to build a spatial index on a collection of features that I created from: ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON out.json ... and then imported into MongoDB (2.6.1). When I attempt to build a spatial ...
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Mysql to nosql. Best solution?

We are working on our new vehicle tracking system. We have been making use of mySQL for the past two years. However we have been discussing moving to a noSQL database. We have a high number of reads ...
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Creating shapefiles using Java and Accumulo

I have tracking data with latitude and longitude stored in an Accumulo database table. We want to move toward using Geoserver for some layer display features on the client side. Right now I'm ...
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How to perform spatial queries on polygons in mongodb?

I will build a GIS system based on polygons, not just points. I wanted to use mongodb or postgis. how do this in mongodb? Query A - get the center of a polygon Query B - distance between two ...
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Solutions for fast operations on large GIS datasets [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Acquiring ArcGIS-like speed in Postgis I have been using PostGIS 2.0 for all of my GIS operations. PostGIS is an excellent GIS database, but no matter how I format my queries ...
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Storing features in NoSQL database like Cassandra?

I want to make a new contrib development based on NoSQL databases like Cassandra. Does anyone know of a University or Research Group, or anyone else, who works in "Geo-Cassandra" currently?
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Best GIS system for high performance web application - PostGIS vs MongoDB

I am working on a web/mobile application based on location data. Since i am already familiar with MongoDB, i found the geospatial indexing of mongo is quite suitable for my needs. As i am mainly ...
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How to store lines and polygons in JSON documents?

Looking at the increasing NoSQL movement and considering that databases like MongoDB offers a new perspective in flexible data storage for GIS. What is the best way to store lines and polygons in ...
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Is it possible to define a No SQL model for spatial data? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there any way I can use a Key-Value store for geospatial data? I read somewhere about No SQL being a solution for large databases management, the kind that google uses for ...
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Is there any way I can use a Key-Value store for geospatial data?

I have used many relational databases in the past, but I have also read about all NoSQL databases, and the Key-Value stores looks interesting. When I store geometric object I mostly use five indexed ...
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