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How to use GDAL from Nuget in C#?

I have created a C# WPF (.NET Framework 4.6.1) application in Visual Studio 2017 and installed latest stable GDAL 2.4.2 from Nuget. In the App.xaml I have added the GDAL configuration call: ...
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Converting GeoTIFF to array of normalized (0 - 1 range) values using C# GDAL Nuget Package

I currently have a Unity3D tool that allows users to import different heightmap files into the Unity3d Game Engine, in order to produce Unity Terrain objects. The tool currently has limited support ...
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Create red Polyline around point symbol

I am using the Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.5.0 NuGet package with C#. I want to add something like a border around a point symbol. So I get the geometry of the symbol (this can be a circle, square, etc.) ...
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Access to ArcObjects DLLs on a build server using Nuget

We're in the process of standing up a new build server--Jenkins on Windows Server 2012 if that matters--and are attempting to configure it to build a solution that uses ArcObjects (currently at 10.2.2,...
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