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Alternative to offline THREDDS server

I have been using the Python package opendrift to simulate a Leeway drift. For this I was using data provided by a THREDDS server, namely this link. It appears to be offline, however.Is there an ...
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Incorporate ocean crossing cost to mobility model in ArcGIS Pro

When making a cost distance map in ArcGIS Pro, how does one make the value of oceans high, and as a result harder to cross than the land? I am making a map of movement from sites in Europe such as ...
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Negative Rrs on SeaWiFS file

I'm working with the following file "" Which can be accessed through here: OceanColor-Nasa-URL After accessing the Rrs I noticed that there seems ...
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Least-cost path = great-circle path in open ocean? (R) (gdistance)

I'm using R and the gdistance package to generate the shortest routes in the ocean. In the open ocean with no obstacles, the least-cost path should equal the great-circle path. But I can't seem to get ...
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How to make ocean drainage map using Python [closed]

I'd like to make ocean drainage map like this: In particular I'm interested in Russia. A relatively explicit data source is, however from there i can get data to display only endorheic ...
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Georeferencing/orthorectifying oblique aerial imagery over water

Does anyone have any advice on how one might georeference/orthorectify oblique imagery taken over the open ocean from a manned aircraft? The aircraft will have an RTK-enabled GNSS/INS onboard. I was ...
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Converting NOAA's World Ocean Database NetCDF files to tabular data using Python

I'm trying to convert variables from NetCDF files to tabular data, but can't understand how to group observations by some index or key variable. For example, when loading data from WOD queries using ...
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Changing the color and near ocean with QGIS

The border of region near ocean looks looks very fat. How can I change color of border lines near ocean to make it thicker? I want to change color and thikness of line only near oceans
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Clipping ocean water shapefile in QGIS [closed]

My requirement is to find a reliable source of Ocean water shapefiles, this is because OSM or Geofabrik does not provide this information. I eventually landed on this page: https://www....
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Are there any international water bodies codes (oceans, seas, etc.)? [closed]

As you may know, there are 2 letter international continent codes: AF - Africa AN - Antarctica AS - Asia EU - Europe NA - North America OC - Oceania SA - South America But what about water objects ...
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Calculating coastal distances using QGIS?

I'm trying to work up some historical transport cost maps, across multiple modes (road/rail/sea/river). I have a polygon shapefile of the coast itself, and point data on the cities of interest (some ...
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How to show Ocean Contours on Mapbox Style?

My users would like to be able to see the ocean contour lines as they zoom in. But mapbox outdoors style only seems to provide contours for land. I'm not a GIS pro but a web dev, so please keep that ...
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Shapefile for Eastern Boundary Current

I'm looking for shapefiles that delineate ocean current boundaries: specifically one for the Pacific Eastern Boundary current. This is for masking marine productivity raster data onto the current ...
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bathymetry (Ocean Floor depth) data - API or similar

I am looking to extract the ocean floor depth from a given lat/lng. Research has lead me to lots of sources. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or good sources or the best way to achieve this? ...
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Islands in pacific ocean [closed]

Recently, I had a question in an exam about the approximate number of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The options were Two thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand and thirty thousand. The answer given ...
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reshape coastline based on higher resolution ocean layer

I am trying to match one layer representing the land with another representing the ocean, they have the same coordinate system but they don't match because the resolution of the "ocean layer" is ...
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Geolocation of MODIS swath products

When dealing with MODIS swath products (or any swath products from VIIRS, SeaWifs, etc) such as those available here, is there any way of a-priory knowing the location a given file covers? Typical ...
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Landmasking in SAR geotiff image?

I am working on masking land in a SAR geotiff grayscale image. The image is a tilted one and as I am new to this field, I do not know how to proceed. Also, I searched about rsgislib which provides ...
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Is elevation (height relative to sea level) constant, despite sea level rising?

Is a 10,000' peak still a 10,000' peak if sea levels have risen a foot? Is it a 9,999' peak now, or is elevation just a constant? Seems odd that a patch of land a few feet above "sea level" could sit ...
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Looking for Ocean Dataset

This may seem like a very simple request, but does anyone have or know where I can get a shapefile of the ocean around the US? The only thing I can find within my ArcGIS BA is the ocean background, ...
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