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ogr_fdw and Esri REST API date columns

I am trying to use ogr_fdw in my database to connect to Esri REST API services. I am coming up against a problem with fields that are of the type esriFieldTypeDate, with a length of 8. When using &...
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PostGIS ogr_fdw foreign data wrapper ERROR: column "date" of foreign table 'mytable' converts OGR "String" to "date"

Using the ogr_fdw extension on PG 14 PostGIS 3.2 on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS, I am trying to register a foreign table in my local PostgreSQL database based on an OGC API Feature endpoint serving GeoJSON ...
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OGR Foreign Data Wrappers

I had created a foreign server in the E drive with a data source of "e:/files/" for Map info tab files. It was all working well until I had to refresh or re-create the server. It gave an &...
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List all tables with ogr_fdw ODBC connection

I have been using ogr_fdw to connect PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases to FireBird databases via ODBC connection on Windows machines. The connections have been working great, and are immensely useful for ...
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Unable to connect to data source attendance "ODBC:attendance" [closed]

I'm having an issue connecting to my MS Access DB (.md file) under the ODBC USER DSN configuration in Windows. Setting up my DSN configuration under the System DSN failed, rather USER DSN works(...
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Creating OGR FDW to Teradata ODBC from PostgreSQL?

In my PostgreSQL/PostGIS I need to create FDW to an instance of Teradata Database. My aim is to get attributic-nonspatial data from the Teradata. I opted to use OGR_FDW instead of ODBC_FDW as this ...
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Transforming arbitrary .prj to EPSG:4326 using GDAL for use with ogr_fdw

I'm looking for the correct method using GDAL (most recent trunk on Ubuntu) or its Python API to get the correct EPSG code for a given prj file WITHOUT relying on the prj2epsg webservice or any ...
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