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What could cause text under 255 characters to import as BLOB format?

I'm importing a table from an .accdb file in Access 2016 into ArcMap 10.6 via an OLE DB connection and one of my nine text fields is importing in BLOB format. It and all the other fields are formatted ...
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Adding Microsoft Access Table to ArcMap?

I am looking to map gps coordinates from a Microsoft Access table (.mdb) in ArcMap. I successfully connected ArcMap to Microsoft Access through an OLE DB connection, and can see the Access table in ...
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ODBC connection Filemaker ArcGIS

I have a large database in Filemaker. To get this joined with a feature class in ArcGIS I have to make an ODBC connection. I do this in the 32-bit ODBC in windows because ArcGIS is 32-bit. In ...
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How can I connect a Microsoft Access Database and a FGDB, such that information put into the former is automatically transferred to the latter?

I am working on a project for the National Park Service. The goal of the project is to connect a Microsoft Access Database to a File Geodatabase, where any information put into the .accdb tables will ...
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Relating Tables in OLE DB from ArcGIS for Desktop?

I have a large registry of about 260,000 records in microsoft access with data on land quarter sections. This data was to much for ArcGIS 10.2 to handle directly, so I created a Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE ...
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Editing 2007 MS Access *.accdb using OLE DB connection?

Can you edit a 2007 MS Access .accdb file format using the OLE DB connection? I have made the connection using the following: Connecting to a 2007 Microsoft Access database (.accdb) in ArcGIS I can ...
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OGIS Ole Db provider sample with read/write capability

I'm trying to determine what level of effort would be required to develop an OGIS Ole db provider for ArcGIS. There is a sample that is read-only. I would like to be able to edit featureclasses in ...
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Create an ArcCatalog OLE DB Connection using Python

Is it possible to create an OLE DB connection (*.odc) to a database in ArcGIS 10 , but using Python instead of the ArcCatalog GUI wizard? I don't need to necessarily create a file on disk, just make ...
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