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The Open Data Cube is a software tool that makes it easier to work with large holdings of Earth observation data.

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Indexing USGS Landsat Collection 2 Level 2 datasets into Open Data Cube

I'm trying to ingest data using Landsat 8 Collection 2 Level 2 data into the Open Data Cube, but I couldn't find any examples for data preparation. How do I index USGS Landsat Collection 2 datasets ...
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Unable to connect to database within Conda Data Cube environment [closed]

I followed the steps listed at and did the following: Installed Python Installed PostgreSQL ssudo sh -c 'echo "deb
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Mask xarray dataset using a shapefile [closed]

I have used xarray on some satellite data that I'd like to mask it using a shapefile. I have previously been doing this using a combination of PIL, numpy and gdal, but it would be cleaner to do this ...
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Data indexing problem with Open Data Cube

I'm trying to index the LISS-3 (Resourcesat) products to Open-Data-Cube. I'm connecting to the database (datacube) through the Anaconda prompt after activating the virtual environment (please see the ...
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Writing custom Prepare Scripts for Open Data Cube?

How do I write custom prepare scripts for the Open Data Cube format ? The docs say the following: We expect that many new Data Cube instances will require custom prepare scripts to be written. It ...
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