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ISO Geometry factory not available

I'm using Geotools 30-SNAPSHOT and i would like to use ISO Geometry (from opengis package). I'm using the following code to get ISO geometry related factories: import org.geotools.geometry....
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Is there a VPF (VMAP) writer?

Hi I'm looking for a writer that can store points in VPF format (VMAP). Is ther something out there, preferably in open source, and better yet in JAVA?
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OpenGIS Tile data server for Cesium?

I'm investigating my options for local hosting test GIS data for use with Cesium front ends. I have seen this project: Cesium Terrain Server but it seems quite old. I thought I read somewhere that ...
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Proxy pass for GeoServer not working properly [duplicate]

I have GeoServer 2.18.2 hosted on tomcat 9. http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/geoserver/web With the IP it is working perfectly fine. To use it within OpenLayers I was needed it behind SSL. So through proxypass ...
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How to register own CQL filter in GeoServer?

I have created new FilterFactory implementation, added it to META-INF/services in file org.opengis.filter.FilterFactory. Added Interface extending Filter. Added implementation of this Interface. ...
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Inaccurate results when converting coordinates to EPSG:53004 with geotools and

I am not very well aquainted with geographic data, but I'm working on a student project, where I have to position points from GPS coordinates around Warsaw on a particular shapefile map. It came with ...
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FilterFactory2 overlaps/intersects

I am creating WPS for measuring area of two overlapping polygons. Its working fine but now I want to implement FilterFactory2 . I am not sure if use Overlap or Intersect method and than, how to feed ...
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Can't start web services (GeoServer) in OSGeo-live 11 Lubuntu

I have created a virtual machine using Osgeo-live 11 in Lubuntu and when I try to start the GeoServer or any other web services they start correctly but when I run it on web I get errors like in the ...
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Navigate through non-geographical maps

I'd need to navigate through and mark non-geographical maps. I used Leaflet.js example to do that (, and it's working, but my images would be ...
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Specify data type when writing a GeoTIFF

I'm using org.geotools.gce.geotiff.GeoTiffFormat to write a GeoTIFF. I would like to use Float32 instead the default Float64. I've tried: OutputStream output = ... Hints hints = new Hints(...
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ST_Intersects with degenerate LINESTRING

I have, in PostGIS, a bunch of LINESTRING Z objects (which represent poles), and I want to find which ones are inside an area (represented by a POLYGON). For the purpose of this exercise, we can ...
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Getting height data in XML of fixed points in The Netherlands

In Holland we use a tool offered by the government to get the height data based of NAP (Nieuw Amsterdams Peil), the tool works but it's kind of clunky and inefficient.
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Difference between Envelope and BoundingBox

As you know GeoTools uses OpenGIS declared APIs; BoundingBox and Envelope for example. picture from geotools docs. BoundingBox Represents a two-dimensional envelope. This interface combines ...
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