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Loading Germany map to ors app on docker - decoding .tiff error

I am fairly new to QGIS and docker so I would like to ask more experienced people. I am calculating driving time isochrones for over 60min reach in QGIS. To do so I installed ORS app in container in ...
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How can a request be started with Leaflet Routing Machine with one waypoint?

If a round trip is compiled with the Leaflet Routing Machine and lrm-openroutservice, this is not fired as the Leaflet Routing Machine requires a start and an end point => two waypoint. ...
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U-Turns not mentioned on instructions steps

I’m using for getting routes/directions in my app. Sometimes, a u-turn is necessary in order to get where you’re going. I can successfully get the route and the step-instructions, ...
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Heatmap using lines in shapefile in QGIS

I used openrouteservice to produce routes from many points to one point. I would like to add some sort of heatmap scheme to this - supposedly blue for least popular routes and red for routes with most ...
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How to query my locally-hosted ORS backend for directions using the openrouteservice R package

I am using the openrouteservice R package to access the directions endpoint of ORS API. I set my API key as follows: Sys.setenv(OPENROUTESERVICE_KEY = <my_api_key>) Then I go on to query the ...
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