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The OpenSeaMap project is part of OpenStreetMap, and has the aim to add nautical and tourism information that would interest sailors.

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OpenSeaMap data and their attributation

I am downloading OpenSeaMap data using the overpass api. However, using ["seamark:type"] is not downloading all the data shown in the TSM ({z}/{x}/{y}....
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Visualising a Raster (KAP open sea map file) using python with rasterio how do I get the colours correct

I have just started using rasterio to show raster maps in Python. I want to display some OpenSeaMap (KAP raster format). I have started with a single kap file, I can load and display a single kap file....
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Showing Polar coordinate grid?

I've found some maps for Antarctica How can I show polar coordinate grid for it? I've got the grid source code in grid_wgs.js (I use OpenSeaMap ...
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OpenSeaMap tiles over OpenStreetMap

i already have an OSM server with north-america-latest.osm.pbf layer, this is rendered with mapnik. My question is, where can I download OpenSeaMap layers and what would be the process for mounting ...
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How to add OpenSeaMap to QGIS QuickMapServices?

I'd like to add OpenSeaMap to QuickMapServices. Their wiki has some usage examples and lists the following tile servers: http://t1....
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How to add OpenSeaMap tiles as an overlay on top of osm base map with Leaflet?

After generating the OpenSeaMap tiles, I tried to add them as an overlay upon the openstreet basemap. The idea is after generating the OpenSeaMap tiles to serve them as "static" tiles to the client, ...
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is it possible to download planet files of OpenSeaMap data?

I want to visualize OpenSeaMap data on an Android device using Mapsforge. Since I need to do this in a disconnected manner (think boat out to sea) I need to generate a .map file using the Mapsforge ...
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