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How to create simple elevation map

I'm completely new to QGIS, and I would like to know if there is a quick way of creating an elevation map as in the following example. I would like to define 4-5 altitude intervals, and color them ...
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OpenTopoMap Lizmap

With the new version of Lizmap you can use opentopomap as base layer, but it doesn't appear in the base layer list when you open the map on the web
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How can I use OpenTopoMap Garmin Maps files with Leaflet?

We can download OpenTopoMap bulk export from Vector or bitmap files? I'm not sure and I need PNG files. This is useful for GPS devices, but this can be also useful ...
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Imitation of OpenTopoMap with DEM-data

I'm trying to imitate the OpenTopoMap with freely available DEM-Data. Which parameters do I have to change in my hillshaded DEM to get a similar look?
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How to easily reproject OpenTopoMap?

For a web GIS application, we need to get all of our data and basemaps in the same projection. We would like to use OpenTopoMap basemap which is in Web Mercator projection (EPSG 3857) but for our web ...
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Legend for OpenTopoMap in Leaflet

I want to use OpenTopoMap as background map in Leaflet. I can't find information about the colour encoding of heights to create a legend. Does anyone know the correspondence between colours and ...
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Download OpenTopoMap bulk data

Is it possible to download full regions of OpenTopoMap data ? I saw that it is possible for Garmin devices (, however, I am looking for jpg/png tiles and I could not ...
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