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Regular expressions within QGIS expressions: logical operator AND

Context I use QGIS expressions and want to use regular expressions to identify those strings that contain two words. It's easy to identify those features of the field text that contain both QGIS or ...
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Selecting specific range pixel values using Google Earth Engine

I have calculated NDWI on my study area. After this, I want to select a specific range of values that I will use to make a mask. My specific values range is between 0.2 and -0.1. This is my code: var ...
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QGIS- What is the meaning of the Query Builder operators?

I am learning to filter my data, and I understand how to use the basic operators (e.g. =, OR, AND, !=, less than, more than etc) however there are some operators that are less obvious. What do the ...
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Adding Not Operator in Definition Query of ArcGIS Pro?

I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.2 I want to apply a definition query saying NOT (name contains 'road%') apparently there is no option to add Not Operator in query neither there seem to be any option ...
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How to build a custom raster mosaic operator?

I'm trying to find a way to build a custom raster mosaic operator. When I Mosaic different raster to a new raster ArcMap lets u chose between "first", "last", "max" etc. I need a operator that chooses ...
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What is the purpose of PostGIS on PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL already supports spatial data types, operators and indexing. What does PostGIS provide exactly that made it necessary to exist as an extension to PostgreSQL? Why don't we all just use ...
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How can I constrain this filtering even more?

I'm using QGIS and I am trying to filter a dataset using the advanced filter. My dataset contains earthquakes in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, however I would like to exclude Canada & Mexico for ...
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How to select data according to specific dates

I am using QGIS Essen version 2.14.1, and I am trying to select specific data according to dates in the field calculator: I am using the following formula but the system is telling me: syntax error, ...
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Between operator QGIS

I am using QGIS Essen version (2.14.1). I am trying to filter my data based on dates. I am wondering if the "between" operator exists like in SQL? I'm trying the following query but the results are ...
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Where Clause looking at two Columns and a RANGE Expression

Using ArcPy I'm Trying to Set up a Where Clause with a RANGE in my "FeatureClassToFeatureClass_conversion" This {Where Clause} needs to Query Two Columns in the data: FEATURE = 'ENVIRONMENT' and ...
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How does gdal_calc numpy operators work?

Gdal_calc manual Gdal_calc is introduced as : - Command line raster calculator with numpy syntax [-A <filename>] [--A_band] [-B...-Z filename] [other_options] OPTIONS:...
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