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Where to get osm history extracts in 2019?

I was trying to make an animation of my city growing, but stumbled upon lack of data. In 2018 geofabrik stopped providing history extracts (osh.pbf), and that was the last source of history files, as ...
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Download anonymous OSM full history data (no User Id/ Nicknames)

Here my Background: I intend to use OSM Full History Data for OSM data quality analysis. This is part of my current thesis and the data will be stored on a companies computer (Germany). Since the new ...
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2 answers

Obtaining the Feature History from OpenStreetMap

I've seen research papers (Haklay 2010) using the data regarding the number of edits (or the contributors working on) on the features of OSM. I am using QGIS and download the area I want to study. ...
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Extract OSM snapshots for any point in time from geofabrik osh.pbf files

Has anybody successfully extracted OSM snapshots for any point in time from geofabrik osh.pbf files and convert them to shape files? I need to extract data from 1 year ago to compare with current ...
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How can I visualize each prior version of a OSM way?

What tools are available to visualize each historic version of an OSM way? In this case I want to find out the history of the (incorrect) long straight sections on Eagle View Trail and Vista Grande ...
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Downloading historical OpenStreetMap data

Where can I download historical data from OpenStreetMap? I’m I am interested in downloading an OSM .pbf file of a particular city in previous years (say, from 2008 and 2010).
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Importing OpenStreetMap historical data with ogr2ogr?

I am trying to import historical OpenStreetMap data obtained here: I downloaded the Australia-Oceania file, I am trying to ...
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