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Questions regarding the OsmAnd application, the offline OpenStreetMap for the Android operating system.

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Convert a many raster tiles corresponding to the OSGB National Grid to MBTiles format

I have a large set of raster tiles (.png's), each corresponding to a 1x1km square aligned to the OSGB National Grid (e.g: SU-50-50.png). These locations are well-defined, but the files themselves aren'...
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Add metadata to .gpx tracks recorded with OsmAnd

Using OsmAnd app to record gps tracks allows to collect the data listed here. Is it possible to add some more data, such as the name of te user or the type of vehicle? If it is not possible to do it ...
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Export a georeferenced `QGIS` raster for use as `OSMAnd` overlay?

I have a couple .jpeg files of few hundred megabytes each along their .prj projections and .wld world files – i.e. some georeferenced raster from what I read — and wish to import them for use with ...
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How to transfer POI layer from QGIS to OSMAnd?

I've got a POI layer (vector layer with single-point geometry) in QGIS and would like to import these points to OSMAnd under "My Locations" including the attributes (like name of the point). How can I ...
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Import OSMAND tracks in QGIS

I would like to import GPS tracks created in osmand to QGIS. First, I exported the tracks in gpx format from OSMand. then I tried using the vector-->GPS tools --> load GPX file dialog. The file is ...
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How to add Audio into QGIS recorded and geotagged using OSMand app

Is there a plugin or easy way of adding audio recordings, recorded and tagged using OSMand app, into QGIS. I'm using a PC and have no coding knowledge! I was able to load the photographs using the "...
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Import "OsmAnd" Hillshades into QGIS?

I'm trying to create hillshades by importing data used by OsmAnd but I can't figure out how to do so. When adding the data as a Vector Layer, as I normally would do with sqlite data, it appears in ...
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OsmAnd: How to update a map?

I am an avid user of OsmAnd. Some of the maps I have are now becoming a bit outdated - shops that changed name, paths that no longer exist, new paths that are not yet marked. How can I update a map ...
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