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Questions tagged [other-tags]

other_tags is a container for OSM attributes keys that aren't strictly identified in the osmconf.ini file, used as part of the GDAL OpenStreetMap XML and PBF driver.

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How to obtain Thermal index (TI) from landsat 8 or 9 images and then overlay them over shadow Index (SI) to obtain advanced shadow index?

I was trying to figure out the forest canopy density of a region through the methodology which I have found in certain papers such as "INVESTIGATION OF FOREST CANOPY DENSITY CHANGES IN HYRCANIAN ...
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R osm_extract package not handling railway tag properly

I am working with files from OpenStreetMaps obtained from GeoFabrik in the .osm.pbf format. My goal is to use the osmextract package from R to filter the files to only include certain tags. The ...
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QGIS 3.24.1 - in QuickOSM, how to import raw OSM into GeoPackage and select which tags to import?

With overpass-turbo, I made a query and exported a raw OSM file. In QGIS 3.24.1, I import this OSM file into GeoPackage using the OSM File menu in QuickOSM plugin. It works but it imports all tags and ...
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Using ESRI Query Layer to query OSM data in PostGIS database connection?

I have managed to connect to my OSM data using database connections in ArcGIS Desktop. I have the OSM line, point, polygon and roads tables. Now I am trying to query the tables using the Add New ...
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Splitting other_tags from .osm file

I am converting an .osm file to a .shp file with OGR2OGR: ogr2ogr.exe --config OSM_USE_CUSTOM_INDEXING NO -skipfailures -f "ESRI Shapefile" output.shp input.osm In osmconf.ini the other_tags is set ...
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How to add ward info in osm buildings

i have buildings data from osm and ward boundaries. i need to find which building lies in which ward and add that information in the building data. I prefer use osm output format. INPUT: <way ...
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