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Applying temporal water masks to temporal Landsat composites

My goal is to create monthly water masks using an NDWI index with Landsat. Additionally, the code should allow a user to select their own temporal window, but in this case the goal is monthly. In ...
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User memory limit exceeded

I made this module to apply Otsu Thresholding and canny edge to generate pure pixel values and to save memory, however when I call this module to main script using; var otsu = require (path/...
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Using geemap to apply Otsu's threshold on time series NDVI slope

I'm running geemap on Google Colab, and try to apply Otsu's threshold to a Sentinel-2 time series NDVI, the threshold is when the NDVI slope is greater than 0.5. But when I try to apply the otsu ...
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Use ostu to count water, but export image is all black

When I run my code, it can be print image in map. But when I export to the Drive, it becomes all black image. Like this: There is my code, it will be a few long. Most part of them is OSTU code which ...
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On click Otsu algorithm in Google Earth Engine

I was able to extract the water area using Otsu algorithm for a specified year. Now I want to prepare a split window app to compare year on year for which I need to transform the whole code to a "...
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Accuracy of threshold images

I am studying on identifying flood zones using Google Earth Engine. I calculated the NDWI index for the Sentinel 2 image. Then I set a threshold according to the OTSU thresholding method. I classified ...
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Applying Otsu thresholding method to raster in QGIS

How can I apply Otsu’s threshold method to a Raster in QGIS for reduction of a gray level image to a binary image?
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Mapping of small water bodies in desert environments

I am trying to map small surface water bodies in a desert. My issue is: water pixels don't cover full extent water bodies (see screenshot attached). What threshold values would I need so that water ...
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Choosing matching treshold for geometry matching

I have seen that some researches use Otsu's method in order to select a threshold for geometrical matching (One such article). They refer to an article that describes such usage but it is written in ...
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Trying to understand Otsu method code in GEE

I hope this question is OK, I know it's not usual kind of questions that are being posted here. I am trying to apply Otsu method on image in GEE. For that I have used the code that can be found here :...
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