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p.mapper is a MapServer PHP/MapScript Framework

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MapManager - Mapserver

I'm using MapManager to create the file .map but I can't understand how mapserver opens this file, I try to see the folder of pmapper where there is the demo file. I put the my .map file there and ...
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Displaying map in p.mapper framework for UMN MapServer? [closed]

I want to display map in p.mapper. I've done some goggling and looked at some examples but can't seem to make what I've seen work. Can someone recommend a link or example I can look at? I'm using ...
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How to display map in MapServer?

I haven't found any good explanation yet about how to display a map in MapServer (localhost). I have MS4W with p.mapper in my PC. I have created a base .map file, shape files and html file. Please ...
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Passing a variable into Mapfile

How can one pass a variable into a Mapfile using MapServer with p.mapper I would like to learn how generate maps dynamically having different extent, layers, default settings, etc.. by varying a ...
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