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How can I extract colours from a palette band to create seperate layers?

I downloaded land use maps of Australia as TIFF files. Since the country is very large (and the map is very detailed), I had to download multiple files that align together. I want to make separate ...
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I am trying to produce a LULC using supervised classification , but I got an out-put in gray color

I am trying to produce a LULC using supervised classification , however, I am getting an output in gray color. Anyone knows what is the issue? // Supervised Image Classification with Landsat 8 ...
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Wrong Palette of color when doing a supervised classification GEE

I am doing a classification of forest and nonforest area using the random forest classifier. At the end of the process I am not getting the color separation, the classified image looks like this: It ...
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How to assign a Colourpalette to an output in PyQGIS

I'm creating an indexed/paletted map in PyQGIS. I want to automate the process since I have many maps to apply this change to, the code is supposed to do the following: Reclassify the value to values ...
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GEE rendered map loses colour palette whe using Export.Image.toAsset

I am mapping annual rainfall in the Eastern Sahel. I have a wide colour palette which allows me to see approx rainfall p.a. within the region of interest (not elegant, but sufficient) (Image 1). My ...
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Setting custom color palette to raster GeoTIFF file with Python

I have a 16-bit single-band integer tif raster, and I am trying to use a custom color palette. There are 2 categories in the raster, plus the no-data value (-999). This raster is calculated and ...
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Visualization and vectorizing for AI in Google Earth Engine

I'm glad to find this space, I come from a background in economics and do not know the first thing about GIS (hope to learn as I go with this project). I found an interesting dataset (https://...
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FME unwanted conversion of RGB to palette in PNG writer

I have a pile of TIFF images (aerial photography) that I want to convert to PNG. Band interpretation of my source TIFF files is allways RGB, cp. gdalinfo: C:\OSGeo4W>gdalinfo -mm -stats s:\ER-GIS-...
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Google Earth Engine Visualization: min and max

I am using ERA5-Land Monthly Averaged - ECMWF Climate Reanalysis to calculate the annual potential evaporation globally. However, I cannot visualize the colour palette in my final output. The problem ...
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Hiding raster bands/palette in Layers panel in QGIS

I often have to load a lot of rasters at once into QGIS. Unfortunately, most of them appear with a "Legend" wich shows their bands (or palette for single band rasters). This takes a lot of ...
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Make multiple values of a raster layer transparent

I have a raster image with a single band with 0 to 255 values styled with a palette of colors. One of the values/colors I want to make transparent is 123, so I added it in the Additional no data value ...
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