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Interpreting log likelihood in a spatial panel model in R

Calculating a spatial panel model in R using the splm package: library(splm) library(spdep) #> Loading required package: sp #> Loading required package: spData #> Loading required package: sf ...
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Missing values (NULL) handling in QGIS Statistics Panel

The handy Statistics Panel in QGIS 3.34.3-Prizren (accessible from the summation button) does not seem to recognize NULL values. I have a layer with about 10% NULL values but the Statistics Panel ...
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Can't get QGIS to keep my user-defined toolbar setup

I am working for an organization where we are trying to set up QGIS for all the employees so that it is as user-friendly as possible. I am trying to set up the toolbars and panels to show only the ...
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QGIS Zoom & Navigate in overview panel itself?

Is it possible to zoom in on the overview panel itself? I think having done this in the past, but can't find how again. The overview panel always shows the full extent of the overview layer(s). ...
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Converting Hansen Global Forest Change 'Forest Loss Year' into panel data structure

I downloaded the hansen deforestation loss year layer from the website ( It is a single raster with one band. ...
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Adding button and other things to panel, not in console

I am new to GEE and now I am learning on my first GEE Apps. I have watched some tutorial about making some button in my apps. But, all button I made goes to console which I can't use or click when I ...
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QGIS 3.22.12: change size of Menu panel

Is it possible to change (reduce) the height of the menu panel? My screen is not so big and I would like to have a more compact menu panel. When I change the icon size, I can only choose between 24 (...
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Creating variable that counts locations within buffer by monthly intervals using ArcGIS Pro

I am using ArcGIS Pro. I have Sales locations and opening dates (and closing dates if applicable) for retailers in a state. I want to draw buffers and then count the number of other retail locations ...
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Moran's I in panel data using contiguity matrix

I have some data in a panel format and want to run some spatial panel regression. In a cross-sectional framework, I would run a simple regression and test the spatial autocorrelation from the ...
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Access array of elements panel overlay using Leaflet

How do I get an array of elements (id, checked) that are checked in the panel? Example: I need the list of "talhão" that are checked===true. import React, { useRef, useState } from 'react' ...
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How can I add my plugin window as a QGIS view Panels?

I would like to add my plugin window to the list of panels in QGIS 3.18. My goal is to attach my plugin window to one side of QGIS and it seems to be only possible for these listed panel windows.
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Strange behavior of layer panel / legend in QGIS 3

I've been noticing a strange behavior in the layer panel / legend of QGIS 3 - I don't know exactly when I noticed it, but it must have been since QGIS 3. The legend entries in the layer panel are ...
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Displaying regions from a list in GEE

I have generated a list with States of India but getting the following error while trying to display a region on the map. Line 11: centerObject() requires a Geometry or Element. Got: Karnataka '...
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ArcGIS Explorer Desktop configurations toolbars and panels too small

I have just started working with ArcGIS Explorer and all the toolbars and panels fonts are too small and some are not completely visible. It looks like a screen configuration problem. It is possible ...
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Adding Layers panel to standalone/custom PyQGIS application [duplicate]

Is there an option for adding a "Layers" panel to a custom/standalone PyQGIS application (like the one available in QGIS) or do I need to construct my own using something along the lines of ...
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File path in Layer Panel in QGIS

How can I disable file path balloon in Layer panel? When I pass the cursor in any object in Layer panel I see an annoying long text showing the file path. I would like to disable it.
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Linking maps to dropdown menu in Google Earth Engine [closed]

I am attempting to make an interactive app to display air quality data but am new to using panels and widgets so am running into some issues that I hope can be resolved. First question: Is there a way ...
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How to prevent QGIS automatically moves panel positions after the program restarts

I want to keep the user interface consistent. But each time I launch QGIS, the panel positions moves a little bit. Below are three screenshots showing the first, second, and third time I launch QGIS. ...
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QGIS "open attribute table" as tab

How open layer's attribute table as tab? Before reinstall OS on QGIS 3.8 I opened layer's attribute table as tab, after on QGIS 3.10 I can't find this option.
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Changing the contrast (min, max) in Google Earth Engine Slip panel images

I have managed to do a split panel with GEE, but I don't manage to change the contrast. I know the good contrast for the picture are min: 150 and max: 8000. Also, the first image (2010) I used ...
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Symbol not visible in Layers panel

I have a layer with symbology that includes Geometry Generators. It would appear that because of these the symbol is not visible in the layers panel. Is there a way to show the up most symbol (green ...
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QGIS 3.45 Layers Panel point data labels set too far apart

The Layers Panel in v 2.18 is fine but we are now trying to go live with 3.45 and are experiencing issues with the display of some layers in the panel. Layers that are generated from an MSSQL spatial ...
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Panel data regression

I have GIS data on individual events (with timestamps), and I am running a panel data regression, with the outcome variable being the number of events by district by month. My independent variables ...
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Resizing Layer Panel in QGIS

How do I make the Layer and Layers Order boxes of a usable size in QGIS. They come up as very small boxes. All other panels appear to work OK I use a Mac running High Sierra
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Contents panel missing in Catalog window of ArcMap?

The "contents panel" (not the "Table of Contents") is missing from the Catalog window embedded in ArcMap 10.6. How can I make the "contents panel" visible?
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QGIS: I can barely see the labels in layer panel

So, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to QGIS 3.2.3 Bonn. However, for layers that are not turned on the font is a super light grey in the layer panel and I can barely read it. How can I change ...
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Display legend of WMS in layers panel in full extent

When loading a WMS layer from e.g. the legend of the layer with larger desciptions is displayed in the layer panel not to its full extent (see picture). When ...
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Setting width of layers panel in QGIS?

When I open QGIS, the Layers Panel defaults to a width that doesn't show the "Remove Layer/Group" button. So I have to resize the panel to show the button every time I open QGIS. Is it possible to ...
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Accidently deleted layer from Layers panel of QGIS?

I accidently deleted a raster layer from my layers Panel (i used georeferencer to add it to my map) and i want to know if is there a way to get it back on my Layers panel without re-doing the whole "...
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In a shapefile, is it possible to have multiple rows linked to a same map feature?

I want to know whether it is possible to have more than one row of the dbf file that comes with a shapefile map linked to the same feature of such shapefile. The reason for that is simple: to have ...
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Programmatically turn on/off panels with PyQGIS

In QGIS, with right-click somewhere in the toolbar area panels can be toggled on/off like shown in the screenshot below (the GPS Information Panel for instance). I need to do this programmatically, ...
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How to get l.control layers or copyright into panel / div

I am tring to get l.controls like layers, copyright or draw into panel/div like: <div class="panel"> <div id="layers">...HERE LAYERS...</div> <div id="copyright">...HERE ...
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How to find a layer by name in the QGIS layer panel? [duplicate]

I have a large QGIS project organized with several groups in the QGIS layer panel. It happend to me a couple of times that, when the computer is operating with low resources (low free memory-high CPU ...
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Adding layers at top of Layer Order Panel in QGIS [duplicate]

I have a QGIS workspace in which the order of the layers is controlled by the Layer Order Panel. When I add a layer it automatically ends up at the bottom of the order and has to be manually shifted ...
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Disable Panels at Startup from Custom Config Location

I'm trying to start QGIS 2.8 with the minimal GUI possible so I can reskin QGIS for a custom plugin. Unfortunately I'm not able to get rid of the Layers and Overview panels when saving the ...
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Getting back to side bar after detaching layer panel in QGIS

I accidentally clicked on the detach icon on the layer side panel of QGIS and now it floats and I cannot get it back to the side bar where I want it.
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