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Panoply is a cross-platform geo-referenced data viewer developed by NASA.

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Panoply doesn't allow export

I'm trying to export from Panoply to CSV. I right click > export to CSV but nothing saves in the correct folder. Actually, there's no format that allows me to save that way. Any advice for why this ...
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Panoply does not give polar stereographic feature

I have NetCDF data that I want to plot in polar stereographic format in Panoply. However my Panoply does not give me all the features. I am using Panoply in Windows 11. Can someone help me with that? ...
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Panoply will not create georefernced lat-lon plot for NetCDF data

I am trying to use panoply to plot and extract time series information from a netcdf obtained from here:!/dataset/sis-water-level-change-timeseries-cmip6?tab=...
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How do I properly georeference variables in a netCDF CF-1.8 file?

I am trying to write netCDF CF-1.8 compliant files with vector geometries corresponding to segments of a road network. The data are observations of aspects of vehicle flow within 15 minute time ...
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Can shape shapefiles (.shp) be imported into Panoply?

I'm trying to open a shapefile of census-designated boundary (CDB) shapes into Panoply. The application seems to recognize the .shp format, but I nevertheless still get the error: There was an error ...
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How do I run Panoply (from NASA GISS) on Windows 10?

I am unable to run Panoply (from NASA GISS) to view NetCDF files. When I try to run it, it tells me that I need Java Runtime Environment 9, but the latest version of JAVA from the Oracle website is 8....
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Create NetCDF file with irregular rotated lat-lon grid for QGIS

I want to write data to a NetCDF file with an irregular rotated lat-lon coordinate grid and open it in QGIS. The data is on an irregular grid which follows a satellite swath. The grid is irregular in ...
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Strange NetCDF file with Lat / Long as 2D dimensions?

I have this NetCDF file from Germany DWD: However, I don't know why this ...
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How to open NetCDF in QGIS

Despite the topic Cannot open NetCDF File in QGIS, I cannot properly visualize my NetCDF file (nc4) in QGIS. It is quite strange because Panoply can do this (see image below). My NetCDF file visualize ...
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GUVI TIMED L1 files and netCDF

I am having an issue, which has essentially seemed to have split into two different issues. I was initially trying to work with TIMED satellite data, starting off with GUVI 1C data. Rummaging around ...
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Using Panoply command line scripts

I have been using Panoply for a while now, and I noticed that you can export a command line script to reproduce the figure. If I look at the first lines of the script, it tells me that I should run it ...
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