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Questions tagged [panorama]

A picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene, often exhibited a part at a time by being unrolled and passed before the spectator.

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0 answers

High-quality open-source street view panoramas

We need ~1000 high-quality panorama street view images with location that can be downloaded and used as part of an open-source project. The ideal dataset would be Google Street View Static API, but ...
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How to convert this video into 360 VR panorama?

This video shows Huygens probe descent to Titan moon from two different points of view: The white dots on the upper ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can Leaflet be used to show 360° panoramic images?

Google's Marzipano makes the task of creating VR tours extremely simple. It is possible to take the Marzipano output and customize it - to an extent. However, Leaflet with its pleathora of plugins and ...
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Add a Panoramio-like layer to ArcGIS Online map

I am interested in integrating some type of Panoramio-like layer into a map on My objective is to be able to use the qualitative, place-based data offered by the photos with students who ...
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How to make a panoramic view?

I would like to create panoramic images such as the ones in the attatchment. My current software pallate is ESRI Advanced, SAFE FME,Adobe Illustrator and of course anything opensource. I could fumble ...
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30 votes
6 answers

Is there an opensource way of making 'streetview' panoramas?

I'm interested in making streetview panoramas and am curious if there are any opensource approaches that I should consider for both making and publishing these panoramas. I've been playing with the ...
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