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Perl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Not as common in spatial analysis as Python, it is still used for high performace mathematics and text manipulation functions.

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Mapserver - msLoadMap(): Regular expression error. MS_DEFAULT_MAPFILE_PATTERN validation failed

I am trying to use MapServer to load tiles overtop of my Google map. When hitting the endpoint, I am getting the error: msLoadMap(): Regular expression error. MS_DEFAULT_MAPFILE_PATTERN validation ...
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Writing GeoJSON data into PostGIS in perl?

I am working with GeoJSON files and need to store them in PostgreSQL using perl. I can do this in 2 steps: open (JSON,">$path/tmp/current.json"); print JSON $fullJSON; close JSON; followed by: `...
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Error Packaging QGIS 2.9.0

I am attempting to package QGIS from source and the script is exiting with the error: Running NSIS Can't open script "Master'" running nsis failed [makensis -V1 -DVERSION_NAME='...
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Trying to stitch one giant image using BigMap

I need to get one giant image from OpenStreetMap. I have downloaded all the tiles I need using Maperitive and now I am trying to stitch all the tiles together using a script from http://bigmap.osmz....
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KML Balloon Not Showing Up In <Folder>

I've created a perl script to create multiple line files from points. It iterates through, creates everything as expected. When you hover over a line, I get a balloon with all of the attribute ...
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Producing map images for Wikipedia?

I would like to make several map images (e.g. SVG or PNG) like those on wikipedia but in not popular projection. I am interested in scripting solution. Here I found this note: Generation Notes perl ...
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Drawing on jpg-map image with proj4 (perl) [closed]

I am totally new to GIS. Have several GPS coordinates and need draw them as pins the into world-map image. On the internet i found one "public domain" image of the world. (attached a resized ...
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Closest set of points to another set of (predefined) points

I have 10 sets of points which I call templates that I have manually classified from 0 to 10. Each point is a X, Y coordinate in a text file. Each template has 5-8 points. I have new sets of points ...
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How to identify polygons that have shared boundary?

I have hundreds of polygons that represent plants geographical ranges around the globe. For each species I have both a shapefile and collection of findings as points. I would like to analytically ...
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Calculating centroid of several lat long points in python and perl

Calculating the centroid several time on a number of geographical points. I was wondering is there a perl or python module that could make my life easier when working with large datasets of lat long ...
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