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For questions specific to Peru (PER), a country of South America

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Retrieving data from ArcGIS webmap

The Peruvian government created a webmap where you can find all COVID test centers in Lima. It's public data and I would like to know if there is some legal way to download the points shown on the map....
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From raster to vector format? [closed]

I have files from two sources, one has come from, contains climate variables such as precipitation and temperature on a world scale, in raster format. The other has the ...
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Discrepancies in remotely sensed indices using Sentinel 2 Level 1C imagery

I am hoping to derive a variety of vegetation indices for grasslands in Peru using Sentinel 2 data for one cloud free image in June 2016. But most of my indices are not in the range of the index. For ...
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Mapping Rainforest Deforestation in Peru

I'm working on a project on the the rainforest deforestation in Peru. This is related to the work of but I am not affiliated with the organization. I'm hoping to ...
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Converting point to lat lon? [duplicate]

I have received a shapefile with measurement points to be analyzed, but no matter how I try, I can't find how to convert to lat lon. I suppose it would be good to know the projection but when I look ...
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