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Is this expected result in pgr_dijkstra?

I have a really dense network of nodes and edges that is based on rasterized version of bathymetric vector data. Every edge has cost which is the distance the edge covers, except in most shallow areas ...
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pgr_dijkstra many-to-many invalid memory alloc request size

I am trying to find the shortest path 'from' many locations 'to' many locations. Unfortunately there are many 'from' and 'to' locations which causes pg_dijkstra to fail. For example, I have 97 'from'...
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Dynamically determine origin and destination points on network lines from nearby features using Pg Routing (pgr_dijkstra)

I am trying to determine the distance along a route from parcel to the nearest fire hydrant using pg_routing and pgr_dijkstra. I have a network table and a nodes table and the following query returns ...
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Calculating shortest route by road from one origin point to multiple destination points at once using PostGIS (pgrouting)

Referring to the below snapshot what is the best possible way to find the road distance from the red star node to all of the yellow nodes using PostGIS. Note: I don't have the road distance data ...
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Shortest paths between points over multiple linestrings

I'd like to calculate the distance between one and multiple other points along a network of LineStrings. I'm aware of this question which calculates the distance on a substring of a LineString, but ...
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How to do pgr_analyzeoneway pgrouting

I try to do pgr_analyzeoneway to my network road data from OSM. But there's some parameter that I don't know what I should input event though already read the example: s_in_rules: text[] source node ...
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Why is pgr_dijkstra not giving shortest path

I am using a road network and the following postgres/postgis operations to perform routing using pg_routing and the pgr_dijkstra method. I am successfully generating routes but they are not the ...
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