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literally means "love of wisdom"

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How to interpret Tobler’s First Law of Geography?

Waldo Tobler's First Law of Geography is an axiom in GIS which states that "everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things" (Tobler, 1969). ...
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Does Model-Dependent Realism mean the Map is the Territory after all?

Stephen Hawking's Pipe. In his book The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking says: There is no picture- or theory-independent concept of reality. Instead we will adopt a view that we will call ...
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What is the GeoCloud

Directions Magazine, Pitney Bowes (MapInfo), and many blogs are talking about 'Cloud' in relation to GIS. I have read about Cloud-Computing but still don't understand the concept. What is the ...
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Is GIS a tool or a science? [closed]

Is GIS a tool or a science? There's a lengthy and dense paper on the matter here. Could someone offer a more digestible summary?
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