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Change latitude (rows) and longitude (columns) in columns using ArcGIS [closed]

I have a data frame as dBase table in ArcGIS where latitude (lat) values are the names of the rows, and longitude (lon) values are the names of the columns, and for each cell of the data frame is a ...
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Combining data in pivot table using ArcMap

I have created a pivot table by using summary statistics in ArcMap. I have summarized three columns that I would like to sort by the same row data. Is there any way to combine the values in these ...
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Making a pivot table in ArcGIS using Standard license

Having issued with using the pivot table tool in ArcGIS Pro due to the license level, I want to know if any geographer here knows how to make the pivot table of pivot table-like output using a set of ...
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How to summarize one-to-many spatial join results with the same ID while each ID does have multiple string features

After using the One-to-many option in the spaital join tool, I received a shapefile which includes 13 million rows and several columns. I am wondering how I can calculate the sum of different values ...
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Is it possible to create a unique pivot table for each page of a QGIS Atlas?

I have a shapefile of city points and a LibreOffice spreadsheet of daily information about each city. The data is fine, I successfully built a pivot table in LibreOffice that sums city data over a two ...
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Pivot table - Get counts of values in field by key field

I'm trying to create a pivot table which displays counts of unique values per a key field: I've tried a combo of PivotTable and Statistics but the results are not correct. The PivotTable doesn't ...
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pivot-table and group geometries

Postgresql11 - postgis2.4 Here is a table mytbl with points and an attribute var : geom | var pt a pt b pt1 a pt1 a pt1 b pt2 c ... I want to "rotate" the table like this : ...
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Creating virtual layer or view table from original table using pivot table on QGIS?

I have a table and I need to produce a virtual layer with pivot or crosstable command. Is it possible on QGIS 3.6 or 3.8? My original sql is: select cd_setor, Name, Path_relativo from Fotos order ...
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Flattening multiple fields using Pivot Table in ArcPy? [closed]

I'm trying to flatten a table, but I want to keep/relate certain fields tied to each other. For context, I ran a Generate Near Table to try to find the traffic volumes near intersections. I am trying ...
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Taking ArcGIS feature class to pandas pivot table? [closed]

I'm new to pandas and am trying to create a pivot table based off of two fields - DIVISION and MATERIAL. I'd like to count each occurances of each value. Rows would be DIVISION and columns would be ...
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Labelling Max coverage by Area

I'm struggling to find a quick way to identify and label an area by the maximum coverage of an overlapping polygon. Has anyone done a process like this lately? I'm currently playing with the Pivot ...
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Crosstable two fields of pointfile using ArcMap?

I'd like to produce a simple crosstabulation from two fields of a point feature class. These fields contain land use class information which I'd like to compare. One option is to export a dbf and do ...
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