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Printing Large Maps Causing Adobe to Crash

I'm having trouble printing some large maps (ANSI 34x44) on a Canon inmagePROGRAF TM-300 plotter. I'm using Adobe Acrobat Pro, version 2022.001. The maps are part of a Map Series in ArcGIS Pro, but ...
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Blank spaces in large format plotter prints

I keep getting a blank swath when printing large format PDF files to my plotter. I am trying to plot a single page that is 42" (maximum width of roll for this plotter) by up to 120" in ...
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Adding text labels to longitude and latitude points in shapefile map by plot()?

I have read my shapefile, and have also read my longitude-latitude points (in a csv file), that I want to overlay on the map. I have further created a character vector with the location names that I ...
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Use QGIS for dynamic ECDIS presentation

I would like to use qgis similarly as a chart plotter for dynamic data that are created by a Fortran code (being basically a ship simulator.) I have two questions: how do I integrate Fortran into qgis ...
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NumPy is missing, but fixing the environment variable removed my printer settings?

I recently installed regular Python on my workstation in addition to ArcGIS 10.2. Based on various things I found online, it seemed like the consensus was to install the full Python, because there are ...
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Printing highly detailed and/or complex maps on large format paper?

I don't know if this is the right place for this question but, since it involves maps created with ArcMap, hopefully someone met this same problem. I want to print a highly detailed map of the whole ...
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Offline Python or C++ library for plotting locations on map?

I'd like to plot locations using longitude and latitude coordinates using Python or C++, is there a good library for such a task? I know that matplotlib is an option, I'm wondering if there are any ...
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HP Plotter 1050c plus

I have an (1998 manual) old plotter HP PLotter 1050c Plus (only works on Windows XP)... It prints fine, but the Source/Receivers are not showing up on the map nor the legend. Everything else is ...
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