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A file exported by the Publisher extension (for ArcGIS Desktop) that can be read by ArcReader.

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Ground extraction from laz

I have got laz file without classification However everything what I can extract with pdal is this: Seems like the algorithm detects everything as ground. The code is following: pipeline = [ "/...
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Opening *.pmf file using QGIS?

I have spatial data that has been put together with ArcGIS for Desktop and exported to me as a .pmf file. How can I use the .pmf file in QGIS? There are about 1000 points and I don't want to have ...
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Editing existing PMF file using ArcGIS Publisher?

I downloaded a trial version of ArcGIS Publisher and the second question on this page suggests that editing is possible in addition to creating PMFs: Can I edit a PMF with ArcReader? No, ...
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