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Creating centroid from line while keeping attributes of line using ArcPy with ArcMap

I have created a centroid from a line I want the centroid to be created with attributes of the line. By executing the following code I get this result: import arcpy input_fc = 'Export_GC_a_integrer' ...
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Using ArcPy to get point from a cursor for input in arcpy.PolyLine()

I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 Basic. I do not have access to a Standard or Advanced license for this. I want to use a point from a search cursor as an input for the arcpy.PolyLine() method. A second ...
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Error when assigning a spatial reference to a PointGeometry in arcpy

I'm creating a PointGeometry using arcpy: data_path = "E:/Seafile/Seafile/Meine Bibliothek/02_Paper/02_ArcMap/Data/" point = arcpy.Point(75.9039059275, 35.6928318018) ptGeometry = arcpy....
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ArcGIS add attribute table to PointGeometry using arcpy

I'm trying to add an attribute value to a new PointGeometry before I write it into the new file. How do I do that with arcpy? Let's say in this example I want to write the ID of the line feature into ...
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Is there a way to eliminate duplicate 'point clusters' in SQL Server 2008 r2 spatial?

I am using the ST.Distance function to identify clusters of geometry data points. Each point has a unique reference number associated with it. I would like to eliminate duplicate clusters from the ...
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Buffering a PointGeometry in arcpy only returns a line?

I am trying to buffer a PointGeometry object in arcpy to a Polygon geometry object with ArcGis 10.2. The PointGeometry object is in lat/lon WGS84 coordinates and as far as I understand, I can only ...
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Checking PostGIS point geometry?

I originated some points with incorrect geometries (ex: 1432.33 , 900.2 for EPSG4326) because lat/lon in data source where also incorrect. How can I detect in the_geom these incorrect ones? I ...
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