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Creating polygons from points with undefined order using QGIS

I have a point shapefile that contain a batch of features. I want to create polygons from these points. Each point should define a boundary of polygon. There is an unique "ID" field that ...
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Using points2one plugin in QGIS

I downloaded the points2one plugin and tried many times to connect points to a line, but it never worked. Is there something that I set wrong? I tried the answer, but it has been running for 10 ...
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Connecting points by lines using QGIS?

I have a .shp file, where I want to connect all points (approx. 100) by lines. I have a data field with the order (i.e. 1, 2, 3, ...). I have tried PointConnector and Points2One, maybe I am using ...
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Connecting waypoint pairs and calculating length?

I want to make a path out of points and calculate the distances of each single line. I have a point layer with waypoints of a research vessel. The way points have in the attribute table a date and a ...
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