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Polymaps is a free JavaScript library for making dynamic, interactive maps in modern web browsers.

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Show shapefile data in Flutter app

In Flutter there is availability of one package which cost more than 6k USD per year, looking a affordable method for Flutter to show shapefile in a Flutter app with data lines between continents and ...
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Is there any way to load pre-rendered svg from the server into the Polymaps?

I need to render 30000 grid cells (polygon) into a Polymap map. Is there any way to load pre-rendered svg from the server into the Polymap?
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Visualizing large datasets with other than Leaflet

When using Leaflet to visualize a large dataset (GeoJSON with 10,000 point features), not surprisingly the browser crashes or hangs. A sub-sample of 1000 features from the same dataset works ...
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Draw svg-circle on a coordinate with polymaps

I'm making a tracker system which uses polymaps to display a satellite image. The code is copied from the bing-example on the website of polymaps. I now want to periodically call an update function ...
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Polymaps marker/point popup

I think my question is a duplicate of but it seems better posted in GIS StackExchange. I'm using the Polymaps JS ...
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Working examples of Leaflet/Polymaps with GeoJSON tiles generated from Tilestache using Shapefiles?

I'm looking to create choropleths using GeoJSON tiles generated from ESRI Shapefiles by TileStache(or similar), in either Leaflet or Polymaps. So far reading and drawing GeoJSON from both Leaflet and ...
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how we create line between two cordinates on polymap?

I am working on d3 and polymaps, I plot map and create circle on the given latitude and longitude which retrieves from the JSON file but now I want to connect those circles with line. I tried to do it ...
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Polymaps + D3+ Polyline with different width and color

I am actually working on a project which involves polymaps and D3. I was wondering if you could help me on this. I have 4 locations and I would like to draw a polyline from one location to other 3 ...
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Polymaps Project + Geojson + D3

How are you doing ? I am Mehul Nahar working on a project which is similar to I have used Polymaps platform, where I have used cloudmade ...
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How to show an array of 2d points/polygons in Polymaps (Cartesian coordinate system)

I need to display these 2d points/polygons (Cartesian coordinate system) on Polymaps with GeoJson layer. I do not use the other layers. Do I need to convert xy coordinates to the lat lon? If so, how? ...
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How do you convert OSM XML to geojson?

I want to take the XML output of a Xapi query and display it using leaflet or polymaps. How can I do that? Is there an easy way to convert XML to geojson
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Polymaps / Tilestache tiling grid mismatch

I have set up a basic PostGIS / Tilestache / gunicorn / nginx / Polymaps test environment, rendering my dataset from PostGIS to GeoJSON and shipping it out to be rendered in Polymaps. That works ...
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How to render GeoJSON tiles from Tilestream for polymaps?

Have been using polymaps successfully till now. Need to generate GeoJSON tiles for Canada Provinces. Found Tilestream and got it working with Tilemill. Is there a way I can make Tilestream hand ...
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How can polymaps grab polygons from a database?

From my understanding polymaps uses po.features() or po.geoJson to display polygons on a map. The former you embed your polygons in the javascript. The latter, you embed your polygons in a .json ...
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Are there open access terrain tiles with a permissive license like OSM?

Are there open access terrain pyramidal map tiles with a permissive usage license like OpenStreetMap's? I'm building aviation-related maps with Polymaps and need a good raster basemap. The Google ...
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Adding an image instead of standard svg to Polymaps

I wanted to add a custom marker to my demo: Instead, I had to make a red dot to specify the place I wanted. Adding an image seems to want to layer that, but all I ...
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Creating Vector Tiles for Polymaps

What's the process for creating GeoJSON 'tiles' for use in Polymaps? The Population example over at notes that the data for the demo runs on Google AppEngine, and alludes to "rolling ...
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