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Advantages of using spatialite over shapefile? [closed]

I found spatialite more useful than shapefiles as it does not have the limitations of shapefile and it is also portable. Many people here use shapefiles to exchange data and even the experts do not ...
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How to setup QGIS Master and Stable in parallel on one Linux system?

I mainly use the QGis Master (nightly build) for my Debian Linux and I'm quite happy with it. But for educational and demonstration purposes, I now have to work with the Stable(1.8) version. How can ...
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Are there any portable versions of QGIS?

I am looking for a portable version of QGIS. Do you know if there are any portable version of QGIS?
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How to setup portable ArcGIS (ArcMap, Catalog) installation on flash drive?

How can I setup a portable ArcGIS installation (ArcMap, Catalog) to run from a flash drive / USB stick? I think there may be an existing solution but I didn't find it yet. Can I make it myself, ...
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Fast and robust open source portable script or tool for interpolation - triangulation or similar

I am looking for some fast and robust open source interpolation library/script/tool. The goal is to re-interpolate relatively big (1M+ points) unstructured (xyz) grids into high resolution cartesian ...
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Any suggestions for a free simple portable GIS viewer [closed]

I am looking for a free, simple and portable GIS viewer. Any suggestions? By 'free', I mean gratis long-term, and not some trialware version or a version with 'restricted' functionality (e.g. < ...
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Can MapInfo ProViewer be installed on and be run from USB drive?

I am looking for a portable simple GIS. Is it possible to install MapInfo ProViewer on a memory stick or DVD and run it from there, i.e. without requiring admin rights or installing any files (e.g. ...
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Qfield viewing features in layer without geometry

I created Qfield project that includes layer without geometry. I can successfully create new features but couldnt find a way to edit or view created features on mobile device. I looked through ...
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What projection / coordinate system are used for

I need to import data into but since I assume there is not OTF reprojection, I need to know the CRS I must use. Any ideas or suggestions?
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