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Automated postcode searching on QGIS [closed]

I understand I need to use a plugin so I can search postcodes on QGIS. Is there a tool which could take postcodes from a spreadsheet and search them in QGIS? I would be searching a certain radius lets ...
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Up-to-date Sweden geolocation of postcode

I am trying to calculate distance between postcode in Sweden. But Sweden is changing post codes every year since 2012, and no an open database is up-to-date. (Source : Here : https://www....
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Seeking data on population per postcode district in UK [closed]

I'm searching for a data set which contains the population of each postcode district (e.g SG1 or LE2) in the UK. I'm struggling to find this anywhere especially for free. Is there anywhere I can find ...
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Automating a dissolve and merge function using a lookup table with a postcode shapefile [closed]

I'm not any kind of QGIS power user. I have some CSV data which includes postcodes, local authority names, and a reference label. I have access to the postcode shapefile for the UK. What I need is a ...
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Is there any specific case study to follow when developing a postcode system? [closed]

I'm developing a postcode system to a country that doesnt exist one (in fact we have one to reflect a main post office with a really large area to cover -less granularity- hence no one really uses it)....
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Connect postcode to administrative boundry level

In OSM I would like depict a certain area ("working area"). Using the following I can specify a certain area around a certain city: [out:json][timeout:800]; {{geocodeArea:Netherlands}}->....
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Plotting points in QGIS using postcodes [closed]

I want to map a list of facilities around the UK by their Postcodes. I have no Eastings or Northings just postcodes. Is this possible via a Plugin or do I need coordinates. I am using QGIS Version 3....
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