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Putting ArcMap animated map into PowerPoint?

Goal: Put an animated map (by time) into a powerpoint presentation. I have a map in ArcMap Desktop 10.5 that will animate by time. The points are barred owl observations by year in California. I have ...
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Automating powerpoint slides creation with maps for bulk jobs

I have about 50 states in US which are subdivided into 200 territories. Often I have to generate powerpoint presentations consisting of map views for all or some territories by going back to each ...
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3 answers

Settings in ArcMap for exporting maps to be used in PowerPoint? [closed]

I was wondering if there are any good rules which can be adopted when making maps that are only going to be used digitally in PowerPoint, and what the best format to export is (tiffs, pdfs, jpegs)? ...
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Presenting geospatial data in Powerpoint

I am looking for a more elegant way to display geospatial data in Powerpoint. KMLs seem to be becoming the norm for quickly showing interactive geospatial data to colleagues and the general public. ...
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