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geopandas.sjoin : Does the size of the polygon matters?

I am doing a spatial join with geopandas as follows: joinIlots = gpd.sjoin(left_df=Area, right_df=data, how="left", predicate="intersects") The geodataframe data represents ...
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Identifying lines that enter a polygon but don't cross it entirely

I need a method to differentiate the two scenarios below where a line only enters a polygon and another where a line enters and leaves the polygon, crossing it entirely. On QGIS I tried using the ...
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Multipolygon supposed to be contained by another but returned False with Shapely

There are two multi-polygons a and A where a is supposed to be contained inside A. Using shapely, the following difference operator b = a.difference(A) print(b) gives POLYGON EMPTY However testing A....
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R and sf Binary Predicates

Am trying to dial-down into the definitions and cannot resolve or understand the argument named, "prepared". The definition of prepared is: "logical; prepare geometry for x, before ...
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Seeking offline predicted travel time service, package or software? [closed]

I am looking for a service/package/sw that will return the predicted travel time (not real time) between two points and the departure day and time. The predicted travel time must take into account the ...
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How to efficiently determine which of thousands of polygons intersect with a linestring [duplicate]

I have a shapefile that contains several thousand Polygons/MultiPolygons and another shapefile that has a variable number of LineStrings. In the example below the blue Polygons are those that ...
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How to find the "first" intersection of a line with anything else

I am trying to find the first intersection of a line with anything else. By first intersection I mean the first intersection, if you follow the line in its direction from start to end. Check the ...
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