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Using Carto.js with free account? [closed]

I have a website running with an old CartoDB account and I would like to make some improvements. With the arrival of CARTO BUILDER, I lost the opportunity to share layers and thus be able to use ...
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Google TMS links legal for usage in OL, GeoNode, QGIS? [closed]

I really like to use the Google tms urls in OpenLayers, QGIS (QuickMapServices), GeoNode, like{x}&y={y}&z={z} But is it legal to use this links? Will ...
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Geocoding and Credit Usage?

I've already geocoded a table of address, and I know I use credits for that. I'm wondering, when I use the Interactive Rematch Tool, am I using credits? For example: After the initial geocode, I ...
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Upload File Geodatabase without Server, Credit Usage?

Instead of going through a server to publish an arcgis web service hosted layer, I want to go right from my local machine to AGOL so that my server is NEVER exposed. I want to eventually put this ...
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Is there any web-gl js libraries for creating 3D bar overlap city map? [closed]

Is there any some web-gl js libraries for creating 3D bar overlap city map? More details: https://...
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Is ArcGIS JavaScript API and SDK free? [duplicate]

I wish to integrate my .NET web Application to ArcGIS via JS Web API but the application is for commercial use and at an organizational level. Can someone please give me an insight on: available ...
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Charging on Free Tier of AWS RDS?

I´m trying to find out more on the possibilities with GeoClouding and PostGIS. I was experimenting with AWS RDS feature with an Free Tier account, and now I´ve been charged a large amount of money. I ...
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Pricing for ArcGIS for Server 10.3 and Portal for ArcGIS? [closed]

I just had a meeting with an Esri distributor and learned that Portal for ArcGIS will not be an extension but instead will be a part of ArcGIS for Server beginning from 10.3. We currently do not ...
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Esri ArcGIS Server Maintenance

I am looking at our quote from Esri and am not sure on the difference between two items on the quote. They are: ArcGIS for Server Workgroup Standard One Core Additional Migrated Maintenance Start ...
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Which Esri software is needed to open MXD files?

I received a group of MXD, AHD, and XML files on a CD from a client. What is the least expensive Esri software that would be needed to view the information contained in the MXD files? I only ...
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Licensing for ArcGIS Server? [closed]

I need help on buying 1 x ArcGIS 10 for Server licenses for a production environment. We have three servers with below configurations: Server 1 - 8 core, 24GB, 64-bit OS, Windows 2008 Server R2 ...
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Using ArcGIS Online credits?

I've been browsing the new ArcGIS Online credits policy, but I don't understand very much how much money this service would cost to my company. I've read two webpages:
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