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Display GeoJSON file with added properties in Leaflet

I have a Geojson file and have successfully added new properties that comes from a CSV file. Unfortunately, I am not able to display the modified file in Leaflet. Any help is welcome! Here's my code: &...
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GEE: Adding two properties into a new property

I want to add the values of two properties A and B (both of type string) into a new property A_B to every feature inside the featureCollection. I tried ee.Feature.get() and ee.Feature.getString() to ...
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PostGIS fields of type interval not part of QGIS' field list

I have calculated a flight trajectory dataset from open data which has a couple of fields that can be used in GIS (3.32) without any troubles. but there seems to be a problem with fields of type "...
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Displaying information about clicked feature in popup in OpenLayers

I'm new to OL. I want to display certain information about a point in a pop-up window. Points are drawn from coordinates: var pointsStation = [ //координаты остановок { id:111, name:'...
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Adding a QgsLayoutItemTextTable and to a lyout do not give the opportunity to further modify the table from the layout

I am trying something like this: table1pg2 = QgsLayoutItemTextTable(layout) layout.addMultiFrame(table1pg2) cols = [QgsLayoutTableColumn(),QgsLayoutTableColumn(),QgsLayoutTableColumn(),...
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Property e.propgatedFrom.feature not available in marker cluster click event in Leaflet

In a Leaflet map, when a point feature is clicked I want to capture its attributes and pass them onto some variables. The point feature is part of a cluster. The leaflet marker cluster is sourced as ...
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Visualizing features from properties of a feature collection

I would like to know how to visualize features (points) situated in the properties of feature collection that was obtained after applying 'spatial joins' on primary collection ( protected areas (...
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Error when filtering an ImageCollection by a new property in GEE

I've written a function to compute the percentage of clouds+shadows+snow for a particular region and add this percentage as a new image property called CLOUD_COVER_R. The main objective is to filter ...
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Open layer properties dialog with PyQGIS

When I have an object lyr of class QgsMapLayer, say iface.activeLayer() is there a way to open the layer properties dialog for that layer lyr at a specific tab, for example "Labels" using ...
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Autofilling based of value map in QField

Is it possible to prepare a Value Map with autofilling? I have a list of almost 500 plant names and it is difficult to find correct name on my device (phone with Qfield) while scrolling. Is it ...
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Change the symbology of a vector output layer that is returned from a processing tool?

I want to change the symbology of a Vector Output Layer that is Returned after running a Processing Tool. I am building a processing plugin. I am trying to make the effects reflect in the displayed ...
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Python and the modification of Style Properties [closed]

I am new to QGIS (I am using QGIS 3.26). The bosses at my work want to get an automated process for converting simple data into maps for visualization purposes. So I started to learn Python used to ...
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