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Extracting monthly band data from an image collection from a pixel with 1000 sample points into a table as CSV - not as chart

I have 1000 field samples as points. I would like to Extract band values from ERA5land which is already monthly aggregated for each of the points The data is stored in many bands, I have selected my ...
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WFS propertyname can not filter nillable="false" field

GeoServer WFS GetFeature propertyname does not work for nillable="false" field, nillable="false" field always returns.
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Displaying name of point with shapely [closed]

I want to display the names of points on my polygon with shapely. Polygon([(0, 0), (0, 2), (2, 2), (2, 0), (0, 0)]) and Names = [A, B, C, D, A] How can I do it simply?
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Displaying information about clicked feature in popup in OpenLayers

I'm new to OL. I want to display certain information about a point in a pop-up window. Points are drawn from coordinates: var pointsStation = [ //координаты остановок { id:111, name:'...
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Add feature ID to NDVI timseries in GEE

I have calculated NDVI timeseries for multiple points. I need to export a csv file that has the NDVI values, Date and ID or coordinates of points. The following script provides both the NDVI values ...
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Assigning dates to a image collection which don't have any date properties attached to it

This is what I have done till now- var image= ee.Image("users/rohithari1703/merged_IMD_raster_WGS84_collection"); //print(image); var CHIRPS = ee.ImageCollection("UCSB-CHG/CHIRPS/...
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Create feature classes with regular numbering using ArcPy

I want to create 12 feature classes from a tuple, and I would like to have specific names that start form well_0 and end with well_11. in_FC = "E:/gis payannameh/TABU search/data/90spring_new.shp&...
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Layer property refuses to act as anything other than integer when named "SERVICE"

I've been trying to add a new property to a vector layer named SERVICE, this property should be a string. I am able to create this property no problem, and the type is stated to be QString in layer ...
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Restoring timestamp property on Image Collections after multiple operations

EDIT: My mistake was calling system:time_start 'day' at the very beginning of my script. So when I called 'system:time_start' later on, it didn't work. When I replaced that by 'day', it worked ...
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WFS GetFeature with propertyName get response without geometry

I have a WFS request send to a GeoServer: http://localhost:8600/geoserver/aa/ows?service=WFS &version=2.0.0&request=GetFeature&typeNames=aa:bb&outputFormat=json&propertyName=attr1,...
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Use of PropertyName to source fill color from database table [closed]

We use QGIS to style spatial objects, then copy in to GeoServer. Generally this works well. However, we can't get GeoServer to source polygon fill colors from a column in a table. Here is the relevant ...
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