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Use this tag when referring PyDev, as Python IDE for Eclipse.

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Pydev Remote Debug Breakpoints with QGIS Stops in _string_ instead of the python file

I tried to use the remote debugger with PyDev but when I reach the breakpoint, I end up in a file name "string" that seems to be internal commands: To set up the remote debuger, I followed ...
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Debug QGIS python plugins

I'm writing a plugin for QGIS (3.10) in Python. I would like to follow the execution of the script line by line to understand some bugs. I installed Remote Debug plugin and tried to connect it with : ...
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QGIS3 Remote Debug referencing old breakpoints

I've had remotedebug and PyDev working well for a while but at some point it will loose track of the break points and reference those from a prior PyDev debug server startup. I can fix this by ...
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qgis: can't find eclipse pydev path using remote debugger in linux enviroment

I'm trying to configure pydev and eclipse with qgis for remote debug. Everything worked fine in eclipse and i can start the debug server. The problem is that Remote debugger plugin requires a pydev ...
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I can't find the right python.exe in QGIS LTR 2.18 - OSGEO464W

I have recently installed QGIS 2.18.19 LTR with the OSGEO464W installer. My system is Windows 7 64bits. I installed Eclipse and PyDev successfully. However when configuring PyDev I have to indicate ...
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Debug files with Pydev and Qgis debug plugin

Following Python Qgis cookbook, qgis doc and other usefull docs, I succesfully installed and configure the debugger for pluggin as "hello world". But, in the case of specific form, based on python ...
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Eclipse and PyDev using python from OSGeo4W

I'm trying to setup a PyDev Python Interpreter from OSGeo4W in Eclipse (neon 3 and java 8 on Windows 7 x64). I have installed the latest python 2.7.5 and python 3.6.? from OSGeo4W. I would like to ...
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