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After adding the line "from qgis.core import QgsApplication", the exe application does not work

I am testing a simple PyQGIS application. When I add the line "from qgis.core import QgsApplication" and make an exe via pyinstaller, the application crashes with an error: Traceback (most ...
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Pyinstaller .EXE AttributeError: partially initialized module 'fiona' has no attribute '_loading' (most likely due to a circular import)

I am trying to create a geospatial Python GUI app using PyQT5, Geopandas, OSMnX, and Folium. I am converting the app into an .EXE file using pyinstaller. Previously, I was successfully able to create ...
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QGIS 3.20 failed dependency in qgis_core on libQt5Concurrent

I wrote a Python application that successfully uses QGIS on OSX. I now want to 'freeze' it. Building an app after using the kyngchaos packages resulted in all sorts of issues finding components. I ...
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Bundling Conda environment in with .exe for ArcPy

I'm a beginner in Python. I don't believe this is a duplicate question, because the other questions seem to be concerned with starting a conda environment within a command line. I want it to happen on ...
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Bundling GDAL 3.0.2 with PyInstaller

I'm not sure if this is the right Stack to ask in, but I've been recently trying to bundle the latest wheel of GDAL 3.0.2 x64 downloaded from for ...
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Distributing PyQGIS Plugin Locally with External Modules

I'm developing plugin with QGIS (3.4)'s in built python3 and plugin builder, I've also installed external python modules like opencv, PIL. The plugin will be used and stay in the company only. Can ...
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PyInstaller and QGIS 3.4

Currently I am developping a standalone python app and I am now working on the packaging with PyInstaller. Configuration : OS : Windows 10 QGIS : 3.4.9 PyInstaller : 3.5 Pyinstaller correctly finds ...
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Create a working standalone Windows executable

Has anyone been able to create a working standalone Windows .EXE file from a QGIS Python Script Using PyInstaller? I'm create to file.exe ..not found..## Heading ##failed to execute script... File ...
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pyinstaller package of pyqgis 3 standalone program failed import qgis.core

I have a working standalone pyqgis program with mapping ability, it was in python 2.7 and qgis 2.x library. I used pyinstaller to package it up. Now I have migrated this application to python 3.6 and ...
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