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QGIS Browser is a panel in QGIS that allows navigation in supported databases.

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Extremely slow browser in QGIS on one computer

A while ago the browser in QGIS (Windows 10) slowed to a crawl. Clicking on any drive would display the “working” icon and render QGIS unusable for a minute or more. Clicking on a directory in that ...
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Expanding all subfolders in project home directory using PyQGIS

In the QGIS browser, I would love to have all subfolders and ESRI GDBs to be expanded such that I can search for specific datasets via the browser search in the QGIS GUI. Currently, I struggle with ...
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QGIS doesn't show certain folders and files in browse mode

I am very new to QGIS and want to import a .csv file containing coordinate data of cities into my current project so the cities will be displayed as point features. This photo shows the folder my file ...
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Saving added GeoJSON data in the browser for future use in QGIS

I have managed to add a GeoJSON layer to QGIS via an HTTP protocol in my local machine. How can I save the connection in the browser so I can access it in other QGIS projects? Below is a sample URL I ...
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QGIS - Hide local drives Group Policy

QGIS doesn't comply with a Group Policy set to hide local drives for my users. How can I hide the local drive within the QGIS browser?
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Adding new XYZ tile connection using PyQGIS

How can I add a XYZ tiles connection to the list of stored connections using the PyQGIS without using QGIS3.ini/QgsSettings? For example for the URL pattern{z}/{x}/{y}....
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Listing all connections as shown in the browser panel with PyQGIS

The QGIS GUI shows stored connections to data sources in the browser panel (among other places): How can I get the same information using the PyQGIS API without manually parsing the QGIS3.ini/...
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QGIS not able to add vector layer from a folder, but can add raster layer from same folder; browser unable access that folder's contents

I've just installed version 3.28, and upon opening for the first time, I may have accidentally denied QGIS permission to access to the folders with my data. Say my data is at /Users/me/Documents/. ...
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Group WMS and WFS in QGIS Browser

I've got a lot of WMS/WFS in my QGIS Browser. These services have different data types (e.g. landcover, administrative borders, ...) and they include different areas (e.g. one is for Germany, an other ...
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QGIS Browser and Database Manager table rendering discrepencies

I've been creating views of clipped and intersected tables with PostGIS and QGIS. The views display correctly only when loaded from the QGIS Browser but not from the QGIS Database Manager. In fact ...
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Can I copy files using QGIS browser?

I'm trying to figure out how closely the QGIS browser matches ArcCatalog functionality, and I am confused about whether it is supposed to be possible to move copy or move data files using the browser. ...
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QGIS - Python to Add folder location to Browser - Favorites

I am struggling to get something to work, which would seem to be an easy thing to do, but cannot quite make my understanding of the python docs work in practice. What I would like to do, is run some ...
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QGIS: What is the purpose of the Browser "Fast Scan this Directory" option?

At 3.10.5, I notice that there is a Browser checkbox for Fast Scan this Directory. However, when I check it, nothing seems to change in the way the Browser operates: The 3.10 documentation does ...
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XYZ tiles not rendering in QGIS 3.10 in some CRS

I recently installed the version 3.10 update of QGIS, and the xyz tile imagery stopped rendering. It originally showed up when opening a project saved under a previous version (3.8.3), but it also ...
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Quickly change my current location in the QGIS 3 browser

I use Windows Explorer to manage the contents of the folder, and the fastest way to change my current folder in different applications is to copy the folder path and paste it into the browser tab of ...
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QGIS Browser - Location bar

Is there a way to have a location bar (or breadcrumb trail) to show the location path in QGIS 3 browser panel? Most importantly in order to copy-paste a location and go to it directly without having ...
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QGIS Browser for version 3

I remember the browser version coming with the install package in QGIS 2.1.8 (or so??) but cannot find the install for version 3 QGIS anywhere! Am I missing something? Please let me know where I can ...
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QGIS 3.4.0 system freeze on MacOS 10.14 [closed]

I've just installed the latest verion of QGIS (3.4.0) on a MacBook Pro 13" (3.3 GHz Core I7) MacOS 10.14. The application seemed to work fine at first. On a certain point I've tried to open a recent ...
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How to add a URL as a QGIS Favorite in browser

I have GeoJSON/TopoJSON data stored in the cloud (on my S3 bucket). Currently I have to instruct users to use the entire URL to add a JSON file to a project. I would like to save the main portion ...
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Unable to open QGIS browser on Mac OSX

I recently installed QGIS 3.2.2-Bonn on my 2014 Macbook pro running OSX 10.13.6 (17G65), however, I am unable to open the standalone browser tool that looks like this: I am unable to open the browser ...
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QGIS Browser application

I have installed QGIS 3.2 in Windows & Ubuntu OS for the first time. 'Late comer of course'. I cannot find the usual "standalone" QGIS Browser application installed. However, I can access QGIS ...
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Turn off reading zip archives in browser

I've recently learned that QGIS Browser Panel is able to read zip archives. Unfortunately when there's a large archive (let's say 10GB) in a folder the browser is forced to scan it's contents. This ...
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QGIS Browser panel is locking folder

I've written a tool to create shapefiles using GDAL and am viewing the results in QGIS. Each time the tool runs, I want to create a new output directory*. I'm using QGIS 2.18.9 on Windows 10. The ...
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Change language of QGIS Browser to English

I want to change the language of QGIS Browser graphical user interface (GUI) to English. I know how to change the language of QGIS GUI itself from (Settings->Options->Locale), but that does not change ...
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How do you view data contained inside hidden directories with QGIS browser?

I am attempting to browse data in a hidden directory, but the QGIS Browser tree view doesn't show in hidden folders? I know, I's hidden. But is there a command-line switch to override this ...
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How can I change the projection used by the QGIS Browser preview?

QGIS Browser has no settings in the UI. Is there any file or so where I can define this?
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Previewing data type of vector layers in QGIS Browser?

One of the features I really like about ArcGIS is that in the Catalog pane, it will show you what vector data type (whether it be point, line, or polygon) a layer is in the little icon, which is quite ...
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QGIS Change treeview categories in browser(2) panel

The main categories of the treeview in the browser panel seem to be hard coded. Is it possible to 1.) add, delete or rename categories (e.g. instead of "Project home" name it "Data") 2.) link "Home"...
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Quantum GIS Standalone Browser

I don't think the QGIS standalone browser is working right on my computer. The only tab I can view is Param. The Metadata, preview and attributes tab are all grayed out. When I select a .shp for ...
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Previewing File Geodatabase in QGIS Browser - Is it Possible?

Can I Preview/look at file geodatabase attributes in the QGIS browser if I have installed QGIS using OSGEO4W installer and FileGDB API? Currently I can add/edit file geodatabase feature classes to ...
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