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Questions tagged [qgis2threejs]

Qgis2threejs is a QGIS plugin that exports terrain data, map canvas image and vector data to your web browser. You can view exported 3D objects on web browser which supports WebGL. The plugin uses the three.js library

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6 votes
0 answers

Different fonts in QGIS2threejs

I'm working with QGIS2threejs for quite a while and it is a great tool! Changing font for the 3D presentation is easy, just change it in the css file. But here is my question: Is it possible to change ...
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3D population density map

I'd like to make a 3D population density map about a country. I've got all of the population data of the towns and villages etc. and I've got shp about these areas. I'd like to make a map like this:...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to change text style in qgis2threejs?

Is there any possibility to change text style for names of places in QGIS 2 three js plugin? That's my result: black font with white outline, while in layer style properties I have for this label just ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Visualizing 3D focal mechanism (beach ball) in QGIS

Currently, the qgis2threejs plug-in in QGIS allows users to use a 3d model as symbology for point vector data. I made a 3d focal mechanism template (beach ball) and used it in qgis2threejs: You can ...
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2 answers

QGIS 3D - no terrain altitude binding for polygons / buildings

My first post to this topic: QGIS 3D - no terrain altitude binding There I have had problems with 3D objects from a point layer. I solved this. Now I have a problem with 3D objects from a polygon ...
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Visualizing interpolation result with three js in QGis

I used topographic map to trace the contours in QGIS. For each line, I added an attribute value (ex. 565, 564, 563 etc). After that, I used the IDW and TIN interpolation methods to create a couple of ...
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Midvatten plugin used with qgis2threejs

I have been using QGIS 2.8.1 to map an archaeological project and I have now installed Midvatten 1.4.6 with the aim of visualizing the stratigraphy from various test pits using qgis2threejs. After ...
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Changing font in QGIS2threejs

In QGIS2threejs,I want to change the fonts in 3D presentation.I learned that I can do it by change it in the css file through Different fonts in QGIS2threejs when I change the color and font,it doesn'...
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