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Questions tagged [qgz]

For questions about the QGZ file format, its structure and content or conversion from or to that file type. This is a zipped project file format, added as an optional format in QGIS 3.0 and made the default in QGIS 3.2.

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QGIS unable to unzip the file [closed]

I'm editing this post because multiple users are having the issue in our organization. Using qgis 3.34LTR and 3.36, multiple people are reporting they can't open their qgis project files. They get an ...
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QGIS 3.28.5 can't open a project file

Do you know any solution? I think in similar cases I could unzip the .qgz file and then I was opening the .qgs file but I can't do it with this project. I saw other answers, the file is there for ...
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Source references to resource files in layout section of *.qgs

I'm making a plugin that moves each resource into a custom folder structure (SHP, RASTER, ETC) and updates the paths within the qgs file. In the layout section there are also references to resource ...
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QGIS (3.28.2-Firenze) QGZ save error - "Unable to perform zip"

QGIS (3.28.2-Firenze) QGZ save error gives the message: "Unable to perform zip" This occurs when trying to save, or save as. Folder location does not matter either. Trying to save the ...
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Batch export .QGS to .QGZ

I have multiple .QGS files and I would like to export them to .QGZ. Right now I'm opening the .QGS file and save as .QGZ one by one, but I have over 180 .QGS files so I'm looking for a way to automate ...
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Configuring QGIS Project using external config file

I have a large QGIS project file (let's call it the master project) and would like to use it for several customers. Currently, I am creating copies of the master project for each customer and ...
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My .qgz project file is empty, how to recover?

I'm using QGIS 3.24 and after opening .qgz project file there's no layers, no basemap. The only error is " Cannot unzip file 'Y:/(...)name.qgz' I'm using Windows 10. Also there's no .qgz~ file in ...
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Accessing same shapefile for different users via SharePoint in QGIS

We are currently migrating our files and data to SharePoint. Currently, we are using our file system with a path structure like this: Z:\_Maps\Cities\Project1.qgz with a shapefile (.shz) which will be ...
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QGIS do not open my qgz~ file anymore. CRC-Error?

I have a couple of months' work on a project in QGIS 3.16.13 with Win 10. All my data is stored on a flashdrive. Since yesterday when I try to open my project I receive this error message Cannot read ...
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Getting all layer names from opened .qgz project file using PyQGIS

I have several .qgz project in different directories. I would like to get all the (displayed) layer names from each project. I tried several forms of code to get it from documentation, but it only ...
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Can a QGIS project file (qgz) be used by several users at the same time?

I am wondering whether a QGIS project file (qgz) can be used by several users at the same time? I can't test it at the moment thats why I ask.
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What does the padlock mean in the QGIS project icon? [closed]

What does the lock mean in the .qgz file icon?
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Why is loading qgs/qgz 2 x slower than loading qlr?

I have a Layer Definition file(.qlr) that takes 50sec to load. When I save it as a project(qgs/qgz) it takes over 2min to load the same data. Why does loading of qgs/qgz take longer than loading qlr? ...
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How to save QGIS Project without loading it with PyQGIS

I wrote a processing tool and as part of the tool, I am zooming to the selected object(s) and exporting (writing) the current state to a .qgz file. However, it immediately loads this new .qgz to QGIS ...
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What is the difference between QGIS file types?

When I open the .qgz-file there are the others opened with it at the same time? or what is the use of other types?
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Change raster size GZ-File in QGIS

I have Climate Data grids_germany_multi_annual_air_temp_mean_1981-2010_17.asc.gz from the ftp-server of the Deutsche Wetterdienst as raster files of multi-annual mean temperature. Source: https://...
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Opening QGIS or .gqz project files on mac [closed]

I have an old Macbook pro with QGIS 3.10 installed. I have not been able to open any QGIS projects I have saved because of this error -> There is no application set to open the document “test ...
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Using different EPSG in QGIS projects

I have 2 projects, with data from different regions and with different EPSG, 1 with EPSG 31983 and the other with EPSG 31984, according to the folder structure shown below, in Windows explorer. In ...
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My QGIS project won't open - unable to unzip .qgz file

I created a QGIS project yesterday, and saved it in one of my user's folder. The file extension is qgz. Today I can't open it anymore. In the project home folder in QGIS it says Unable to unzip file ...
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QGZ file without any non-ASCII characters opens just as a completely blank project

I just wanted to open a qgz project file which I used one week before in QGIS 3.6.1 without any problems. Today it opens just as a blank project like a new empty one (same problem in 3.8.3 as well as ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Difference between .qgs and .qgz

What is the difference between the .qgz and .qgs project file formats in QGIS?
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8 votes
1 answer

Open .qgz files to edit file paths

I have hundreds of QGIS projects that have been built over years and many different QGIS versions. Now I need to move them to another server and I want to be able to edit the project files to show the ...
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.QGZ Files and replication thereof

I know this question may be better asked in a Windows Server board but I'm unfamiliar in the extreme with the software and was wondering if anything can be done inside of QGIS. We have DFS set up and ...
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11 votes
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Removing legend items with PyQGIS without removing the layer

I am trying to generate maps in PDF files by using a pre-defined .qgz layout. I am already able to load layers and adjust color scale, etc. Since the legend is synchronized with the map layers, all ...
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qgz-projects can't be opened in QGIS 3

I have recently switched to QGIS 3.4.0 and currently, I can't open projects saved in .qgz-format. No error message, no crash, they simply don't open. When I try to load the project a second time, I ...
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Empty qgz when I open it

With QGIS 3.x when I save any project in a qgz format and I try to open it after, they are always with no one layers in the TOC (and canvas...). Every layer is in the same location in the computer... ...
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Is there any way to recover data when a .qgz file will not open?

I saved my QGIS project as a .qgz file and then my computer crashed (however I can't confirm that the saving had completed successfully). After restarting the computer, however, the .qgz archive no ...
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