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Qt is a cross-platform application development framework.

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QGIS Application in C++ [closed]

I'm new to QGIS 2.8 Library to develop standalone map application in qt4, C++ language. I was wondering if there is any way that I can use QGIS plugins such as Advanced viewshed analysis, Contour ...
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Fixing headings for QGIS custom widgets in Qt Designer

I use custom Qt widgets like QgsMapLayerComboBox for my QGIS plugin, laying the whole thing out in Qt Designer. Using those requires fixing headings in .ui file as described here. Unfortunately I have ...
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PyQGIS toggle group visibility (and recursively visibility)

I would like to set visibility of a layer group and all of its children (and grand-children and so on...) using PyQGIS (QGIS 2.14.1). Assume the groups name is g0 with subgroups g0[1...n] and subsub.....
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setHeaderData not working in a QgsAttributeTableModel?

I want to display the content from a layer in a new view I have so far a code like below (you should have 2 columns at least, then, just try in the QGIS Python console replacing mylayer_id) from ...
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Custom data entry form (.ui) crashes qgis

I'm using Linux Mint 17.2, qgis 2.8.1 and have also tried this on 2.10: Made a simple form using qt4 designer The field names match those in the attribute table used the properties page of qgis ...
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QGIS interface very slow on OSX

I'm running QGIS version 2.8.1-Wien QGIS code revision Compiled against Qt 4.8.6 Running against Qt 4.8.6 Compiled against GDAL/OGR 1.11.2 Running against GDAL/OGR 1.11.2 Compiled against ...
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Auto populate field as concatenation of other fields

I'm searching for a way to automatically combine several field values entered in the feature edit dialogue, resulting in a new column comprised of the former values. I have, say fields A, B and C ...
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In what ways has QGIS 2.x API changed making Plugin Builder Tutorial invalid?

I am working on the QGIS workshop Tutorial for QGIS Plugin Builder and notice that it is for QGIS 1.1. As this seems like a popular tutorial, in general, what are some areas of this tutorial that need ...
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Purpose of "" file created by QGIS Plugin Builder

I usually use QGIS Plugin Builder to create working templates for QGIS plugins. While a generic Python plugin needs the files below; metadata.txt (translated from resources....
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lookup forms in QGIS

Bit of an open question but.... Is it possible to design a form in qt designer that will be used as a form against a qgis layer but interacts with a different table in postgres/postgis as a lookup ...
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Custom Form with QTDesigner: Combine signals and slots?

I dare to ask that question here and not in the programmers section, cause i'm actually not looking for a coding answer, but a solution through the QtDesigner GUI (if possible). Custom QT-forms ...
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How do Qt Designer and QGIS work together?

I am just trying understand how qgis and designer work together. From Nathan W's excellent posts I know how to create a user form and how to hook it to a qgis layer and also how to add validation ...
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Get the ID of polygon in edition sessions of QGIS?

I did a Qt custom form for QGIS which contain a QlineEdit that must get the ID of the current polygon in edit session. For example, I start edit sessions I draw 3 polygons when the Qt form is opened ...
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View HTML field data with QT4 browers as a QGIS Run Feature Action Tool

I've successfully populated a sqlite table with an HTML-encoded-table as a field attribute, and so there is literally a Table within a single field value in sqlite, for each record. This is going to ...
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