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Responsive QGIS main window while running a QGIS plugin with GUI

I'm writing my first QGIS plugin (QGIS version >= 3.18). I created a GUI with QT Designer and then a basic python code to load plugin when QGIS starts: file def classFactory(iface): ...
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QThread crashes QGIS

I'm trying to use a QThread for CSV export that can freeze my UI. Therefore I have a polyvalent Thread class below : class Thread(QThread): finished = pyqtSignal() def __init__(self, fn, *...
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PyQGIS QgsMessageLog "NameError: name 'Qgis' is not defined"

I'm trying to debug a pyQGIS plugin, but can't get one of the Qthread working. I was told QgsMessageLog was the best way; QgsMessageLog.logMessage("before simplify", "plugin", ...
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QThread - map not loading after the thread is done

I'm using QThread to run processingBar and heavy job so the user will know it's loading. Everything works fine until the job is done then the map is stuck and not reloading. It looks like I need to ...
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QgsVectorLayer creation in Qthread (PyQt)

Our QGIS project is dynamically generated on startup based on user roles. There are nearly 120 QgsVectorLayers that need to be generated. If created sequentially, the login process takes up to 2 ...
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Implementing Tasks in a QGIS-Plugin to keep GUI responsive

I am trying to implement QgsTasks into a PlugIn to keep its GUI responsive while running. I have studied the docs at, which ...
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Custom QGIS maptool to return current event

This is what I am trying to do. I designed an interface which can switch between selection mode and placement mode. Selection mode activates the selection tool. Placement mode is what I am ...
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Multithreaded DB connection for QGIS plugin [closed]

I am using QGIS 2.18.21 and PostgreSQL 9.6. on a Windows 8 machine. I am trying to do processing of a certain database task in the background, and I want the user to be able to continue to work in ...
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