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Using to_dm function in model designer

When using the field calculator in an attribute table, it is easy to plug in the various fields you might need from the side bar option 'Fields and Variables'. However, in Model Designer this feature ...
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How to use query builder to select range of waypoints?

If I have a range of waypoints (x,y coordinates) in an attribute table, what is the best way in query builder to select a range of those points? I would also like to delete the selected points.
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QGIS how to use source query builder to only show the top X values of an attribute?

I have a layer containing polygons, and one of the attributes within it represents population growth. My goal is to filter the layer to display only the polygons with the highest 100 values of ...
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Filtering 'overlay_intersects' with query builder of QGIS [closed]

In order to filter a data and display only the part of the data that intersects another data, I knew the expression 'overlay_intersects' but this function does not seem to work with the query builder (...
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Grouping features by attribute with sum function in QGIS

I want to consolidate my attribute table by grouping it based on several similar features. I cannot share the data due to confidentiality but it goes like this: 1000 data, grouped with same score, ...
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Selecting from selected features by subquery in ArcMap Query Builder

I've set up a Model in ArcGIS ModelBuilder (ArcMap 10.6) which select some rows of table "Rivers". Then i want to select the River with the Max-Value of Field "Diff" out of the ...
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SQL expression works in DB Manager but not in Query Builder/Filter, returns "OGR[3] error 1: Undefined function" error

I have a geopackage table/layer of buildings. I need to "offset" by using ST_Translate. The expression SELECT ST_Translate(geom, 1, 1, 0) FROM &...
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