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a line segment that connects any point of a circle (or sphere) and its center.

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qgis2map not showing the assigned symbology

I have a basic heatmap created from point vector, but when I use qgis2web to send to my supervisor, the radius of the points is altered. This is my first time using this plugin, and cannot find ...
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Creating radial lines from center of polygon to edge in QGIS

I have a set of polygons for which I need 16 radial lines each from the centroid of the polygon to the edge (see image). So far I have only found a python script to create radial points for a circle (...
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R Leaflet map: set minimum radius size

I have an R Leaflet map showing cicles to mark the locations of industrial facilities. Some of these facilities have been assigned a risk score in the data ("RSEI_Score"), and others not (...
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Changing value of raster within set radius

I have a raster map of an aquifer. I want to alter it so that the water level changes around a point(an active pump). What i need is a way to select a radius on my raster and lower the Z value within ...
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Select points based on their date & their location (they fall within a radius of another point)

I am studying lions, and their kill sites. I currently have around 900 historic kill site locations with the record date (with some attribute info). The data is old and I am looking to confirm the ...
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How to make buffers based off of Manhattan Distance rather than Euclidean distance

I have buffers which need a 1.6 mile radius. However, I want them to be radii for walking distances rather than Euclidean distance to more accurately reflect the data I'm working with. Is this ...
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Calculate the average "radius" of a polygon in ArcGIS Pro

I am trying to calculate the average radius of RF coverage propagations. Each propagation looks almost like a paint splatter for visual reference. I want to calculate the average radius across all of ...
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How can I found all db table records within radius JSON field in PostGIS database

I have table polygon_versions with geo_json field of type json. DB fiddle: How can I select all table polygon_versions records within radius of 20 kilometers from geometry ...
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PostGIS ST_PointInsideCircle radius units config

I have a table with a lat and a long float columns and I'm trying to use the ST_PointInsideCircle PostGIS method which is working but the radius I enter is not in the correct units. I'm trying to ...
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How do I calculate population within radius on Google Earth Engine?

I'm trying to calculate the population within a specific radius within a specific country using Google Earth Engine. My plan is to use reduceToVectors to convert the population values into a ...
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How would I calculate the sum of the values of a band around a specific pixel in Google Earth Engine?

I'm trying to calculate the population within a certain radius around a specific pixel, but I don't know how to define the geometry of the region to reduce. This is what I would imagine it might look ...
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Extract Raster Value around point on QGIS

I'm using QGIS and I'm triyng to extract raster values around some points that were created from a .csv file. I already could extract the raster values in each point but each point represents an ...
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QGIS : EPSG4326 : arc of circle with X radius centred in Z (aviation)

I am trying to make a polygon from the aviation LPPO FIR (Santa Maria Oceanic Flight Information Region), that some portion is described as "arc of circle with 100NM radius centred at PST NDB (...
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How to count features within a radius distance?

I use QGIS and I have building polygons like this: and I would like to calculate the number of polygons within a certain radius (100m for example) for each building to evaluate how dense is the area ...
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Creating circle around point with specific radius taken from column in QGIS [duplicate]

I have a shapefile of points (SR EPSG:3857 - WGS 84), with (in the attributes) an "ID" column for each point, and a "radius" length in meters; I am trying to find a way to create a ...
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SAGA Majority Filter - what is radius?

In QGIS, Saga's majority filter has only a few parameters: the raster, search cell type, and the radius. I thought it uses a kernel or moving window, so my question is what does the radius refer to? I ...
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Creating circle polygon of certain radius around points in QGIS

I have a point layer in QGIS in EPSG:4326 and want to create polygon-circles of 10m radius around each point. All of the points are located within a kilometer² in northern Germany. How do I do this? ...
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