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Official road and rail networks of Brazil [closed]

I am looking for the official road and rail networks of Brazil, produced by a government department. I haven't been able to find it on the IGBE website and the Humanitarian Data Exchange utilises a ...
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Extract railroad from Orthophoto and / or LiDAR

I would like to automate the creation of a vector line from either orthophoto or aerial LiDAR data. This line (or these lines in fact) represent both sides of a railway. We can see those pretty ...
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Seeking API for Rail-route distance [closed]

I am new to GIS and looking for a way to get rail route distance between a given origin and destination set (available as names, or city center lat-long for widely used city pairs within europe). SO ...
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Database layer/network for routing and closest facility option using ArcGIS Network Analyst

I am new to the use of ArcGIS Pro Network Analyst and trying to see if there is a way I can use the route option to calculate the walking or/and driving time between sets of points. Specifically, I ...
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How can I integrate railway embankments to a heightmap?

I would like to create a 16bit PNG heightmap for a PC game, which simulates a real landscape, and I have created a QGIS project. In this project there is a raster layer for the terrain, which is based ...
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Generalizing railways from OpenStreetMap using ArcGIS Desktop?

I have dataset of railways from OpenStreetMap. It is really detailed. But i want to make generalization for map scale 1:500 000: remove small details of the railways and short branches. I`ve used ...
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Routing on rail network with interim points (pgrouting)

I want to use pgrouting on a rail network, stored in PostGIS. For each service number I have all the station it stops at. Until now, I set up start and end nodes for the rail edges and created the ...
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Mapping objects/assets along polygon line using ArcGIS Pro?

I am working with an open rail data set which is imported to my ArcGIS Pro project. The rail data is loaded to ArcGIS as a shapefile and includes kilometer notation for a specific rail segment. The km ...
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Is there an established method to declare "Forward" on a linear feature

Is there an accepted way to establish a Forward direction for a linear feature regardless of the ordering of the points used to store the feature? An example would come from Roadway Design in the ...
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Load OpenRailwayMap layer in Google Maps

I'm quite new using Javascript Google maps API, and I need to create a simple map showing the railways in Europe. I was thinkin in downloading the data from OSM and show it in my map, but I'm sure ...
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Railways usage - How to assign values to part of existing lines?

I am conducting a project about rail accessibility/capacity, working with railways/stations downloaded in R with Overpass. Manually I computed the number of trains for each lines and I would like to ...
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Symbolizing OSM rail lines in QGIS

I am struggling to come up with a proper layer style for a rail network extracted from OSM in QGIS. I just want active rail so I choose the "rail" tagged features (rule-based rendering). But since ...
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GIS Information for Netherlands [closed]

I am currently interested in any kind of GIS Information about Netherlands. I need it for some kind of research. Such informations as temperature, soil composition, precipitation, elevation are very ...
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Finding vector data for UK railway lines?

Can someone point me in the direction as to where I can obtain vector layers for the following UK railway lines: DLR, GREAT ANGLIA, TfL RAIL, OVERGROUND, C2C, SOUTH EASTERN
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How to identify train stations from (vague) codes?

I'm trying to identify and geocode several train stations based on location codes that were supplied to me. Most of them take the form "CCSSS" where "CC" appears to be an abbreviation for a country (...
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