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Networkx memory usage on steiner tree algorithm in QGIS

I'm trying to run a steiner tree for some points on a road using networkx by a simply script in QGIS. It's my first experience with this library. The data are shapefiles and are composed as follows: ...
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Spatial join loads indefinitely in QGIS

I am trying to perform a spatial join between a very large polygon layer and a very large point layer in QGIS. I left the process running overnight but there does not appear to be any sign of progress....
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Creating Catalog Subset using lidR

I have a catalog of just over 3000 LAZ files that I want to split into regions using clip_rectangle(). The total catalog size is 60GB. My PC has 64GB of RAM but I get an error that lidR is unable to ...
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Limit RAM usage by gdal_merge

When trying to use (from alpine-normal-3.2.1) to actually merge 4 large raster files (roughly 6 GB each) this way: -o merged.tif -of GTiff input_*.tif my computer memory ...
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