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Questions tagged [rapideye]

RapidEye is a commercial constellation of 5m resolution satellites owned by Planet that operated between 2008 and 2010.

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Python rasterio for saving GeoTIFF files and read in ArcGIS or QGIS

After following the steps in the tutorial of the Planet website (, I want to save each individual band ...
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Python rasterio save GeoTIFF files

After following the steps in the tutorial of the Planet website (, I want to save each individual band ...
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Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index Values (MSAVI2) are Not Within Expected Range

I am using MSAVI2 (Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index 2) to analyze different land cover classes for a study area in southern Africa. The Land cover classes were taken from a Planet Labs ...
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Performing Supervised Classification of Houses in Africa using ArcMap?

I am doing a supervised classification in ArcMap to classify land cover types in a study area in Africa. I am using RapidEye satellite imagery (Planet Labs) and they have 5 bands: blue, green, red, ...
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Downloading images on Planet Explorer using free student account?

I am logged in to @Planet Explorer with a free student account. I performed a search using an uploaded shapefile of my AOI. I selected a 3-month mosaic to reduce the amount of cloud cover and I am ...
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Does RapidEye level 3A imagery need any kind of preprocessing before applying classification?

I just got some rapideye images and I would like to know if there is need of any preprocessing before applying classification to it? I know that there isn't any automated way of, for example, applying ...
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Test pixel alignment in raster images

I want to test if two raster images for the same scene taken in different moments are aligned. I would like to do this automatically as I will be working with a lot of scene pairs. The process would ...
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PlanetScope and Rapid Eye: Asset Type and Band Classification from Planet Labs

I have been trying to get weekly downloads for a region of interest from the PLANET API and I had a couple of questions regarding the asset types I have been consistently getting much less number of ...
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