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Why do QGIS users keep telling me that rasters don't have Attribute Tables?

I'm relatively new to QGIS and am baffled by users telling me that rasters don't have attribute tables. This seems to be at odds with ArcGIS, and what I am able to see in the data I am working with (...
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QGIS Raster Attribute Table missing COUNT field

I am using QGIS 3.30, I can create a Raster Attribute Table : However, the table doesn't have any COUNT field. Any idea what's the problem? The Q1 layer is rendered using "unique values".
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How to turn Add Fields on in ArcGIS Pro?

I am trying to add a new field to the Attributed Table of a raster layer (in TIFF format) in ArcGIS Pro, but the "Add" option in the Attribute Table is greyed out. To clarify, I am not in ...
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Problems with QGIS Plugin RasterAttributeTable / runtime error

Initially the install of the plugin RasterAttributeTable lead to an error (Couldn't install plugin) but that seems resolved but still stuck with the runtime error and the plugin does not seem to be ...
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Using different Raster field when is not "Field" parameter for "input value raster" with

I want to get the Histogram of a Raster using the "Value" field in the raster attribute table. The "feature zone data" is a shapefile and the "Input Value Raster" a 32Bit ...
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Classify the image by a field in its attribute table using QGIS software

I created the attribute table of raster data in ArcMap software. There is a field that I added in the attribute table that I created. I can reclassify the image using the field I added to the image's ...
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Editing added field in raster attribute table using ArcMap

I have a raster file in tiff format and this raster file has an attribute table already. What I want to do is to populate each original values with a new value and display the map with new underlying ...
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Extract and Add raster class attributes to vector file attributes in ArcGIS

I have a shapefile having (say 20 polygons). There are 20 rows in the attribute table of this shapefile (1 corresponding to each polygon). I have a binary raster with two classes 1 and 2. I want to ...
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Polygonizing LineString features to Polygon features and keeping Attribute table values using PyQGIS

I am trying to create a circular raster in Qgis3.8.3-Zanzibar with the Python console. I am able to make it with LineStrings (combine of Polyline and Circular String) and fill each feature with ...
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Joining tables that have different numbers of rows using ArcMap?

I am trying to join a table to a raster output for an assignment in ArcMap (10.7), but they both have different numbers of rows. Is it possible to join them?
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Read RAT (raster attribute table) using GDAL or other python libraries?

Referring to this post, is there any update on the reason why GDAL function band.GetDefaultRAT() always returns NoneType? I can't find much documentation. I've tried to create a RAT for testing (...
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Change raster cell size while keeping attributes

I have a raster with a cell size of 1 and I want to increase the cell size to 5 so I use the Aggregate() function in ArcMap 10.4. The problem I'm seeing is that after processing I lose the desired ...
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How to use show Raster Attribute Table in OpenLayers?

I have some GeoTIFF files that I am showing on an openLayers map using GeoServer. Now, I wish to access a Build Raster Attribute table on my web application. In other words, if a user clicks on a ...
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How to view raster attribute data in QGIS? [duplicate]

I have a single band, 8-bit, unsigned integer tif (National Land Cover Data). When I view it in Arcmap 10.4.1, I am given the opportunity to also view it's attribute table: However, when I view this ...
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2 answers

Checking whether Raster has Attribute Table using ArcPy?

I can't seem to find a Describe property or any tool that will tell me whether a raster has an attribute table. I can do it with a simple try/except statement on a test cursor or a table-specific ...
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clipped raster but attribute table not updated?

I have a nightlights raster file of India, and I clipped it using the block shapefile for India. After the clipping, the clipped raster files have the attribute of the original raster file. I want the ...
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What is a raster attribute table?

I've seen raster attribute tables mentioned in several places here at GIS.SE and at ESRI websites. However, I don't understand what is a raster attribute table (RAT). The resources I found so far ...
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Export RAT (KEA driver) to Shapefile

I have a dataset of rasters (driver kea) whose has, let's say, 20-30 attributes in their RAT. I'm realizing how to have these attributes in shapefiles (without using proprietary software). I've read a ...
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Build Raster Attribute Table from .tif with pixel type of float or double?

I have a raster with the extension .tif. It's a subset of 87x87 pixel with values from some 6,66 to -4,27. If I right click on it there is no Attribute Table available. However, I can change the ...
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Creating attribute table for raster data?

I have raster dataset for rainfall but it does not have an attribute table. How can I create tabular data using the same raster file and the join back again to it? Software used is ArcMap 10.1.
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how to create a new raster from one field of a raster with several fields in a RAT

I have a raster with an attribute table containing many fields. I want to create a new raster from one field using ArcGIS 10.1.
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